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9200T hard disk problem


New Member
I replaced the disk drive on my Hummy about 9 months ago using a Seagate ST 3320311 CS and a StarTech IDE2SAT convertor and it has worked well. Recently the Hummy reported a hard disk error. I checked the disk using Sea Tools and the short tests were OK so I replaced the convertor and the ribbon cable but no change. Although the Sea Tools tests were OK the disk does not appear when I check the computer on Windows Explorer.

Anyone got any ideas?


Super Moderator
Staff member
Try formatting the drive and crossing your fingers. After a while the HDD can get corrupted, this happens erratically and for no apparent reason.


New Member
After testing the HDD with the convertor on my PC and everything else by substitution I could not prove anything was faulty. Sometimes I could get programmes but no Record function on the menu and sometimes "Please wait" and then nothing. I did a full format on my PC via the IDE interface and the converter without any problem. I put the HDD back in the Hummy using the same long IDE cable. The Hummy booted up OK but I was left with "Please wait" again. I then put back the original short IDE cable and it booted up properly with a full menu and I was able to do a recording.

As you suggested the HDD may have become corrupted but the IDE cable was also significant.

Thanks for your comment; case closed.