After update some recordings end early

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Just joined - so forgive if this is an old query but couldn't immediately see it on the forum. My HDR FOX T2 has been working perfectly for a year until a recent Freeview update. After that some recordings (Channel 4 Homeland in particular!) end 3-5 minutes early. Doesn't happen on all channels. Any advice please? I believe there is another update soon and want to be prepared!
I had same problem with Homeland on both of the episodes so far.
I think there start/end signals were out.

I raised it with channel 4 who, as usual, misread the problem and apologised for the PROGRAM running late.
I have fired back pointing out that I was not complaining about that but that the start/end triggers should align with the actual program NOT the schedule. Plus, as a member of YouView consortium the should get it right .....
I await a response.
It's definitely a Ch4 - I've been using AR to record for the past 23 months and had no problems to date on BBC OR ITV.

Note: I recorded it in parallel on my Fox T2 and my YouView box - same result!!
I think it is channel 4 I have been seeing a "P" at the foot of the credit crawls lately.
I wonder if they are experimenting with auto advert notification or something like that?
Ahhh thanks Brian.
I made the mistake of thinking they were doing something useful there.
boing... time for bed i think.
I am very relieved to have read that others are also experiencing the same problem with recordings of Homeland finishing early (I have a HDR-FOX T2, and was recording from C4 HD tuned to the Crystal Palace transmitter. I just came off the phone from Humax who were sympathetic, but had no answers. They also said that they would have received more complaints if this was happening to more users (implying I was an isolated case).
Will try to contact Channel 4 - could you share any information about the response you get if they do reply?
I am still awaiting their reply but here is the dialogue so far.
Their initial rubbish reply followed by my retort. Unfortunately they didn't include my original complaint which clearly stated that it referred to the digital start/end signals.


On 15 Oct 2012, at 15:43, Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries <> wrote:

Dear Harvey,

Thank you for contacting Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries regarding HOMELAND.
We are sorry to hear that you were disappointed HOMELAND started a minute or two late. Your comments have been logged and passed on to those involved in our transmission.

Normally, we recommend that viewers start recording programmes five minutes early and finish five minutes late, to allow for any slight changes in timing.

Although many programmes are pre-recorded they are put on air individually and can be subject to subtle changes before the final edit is produced. For this reason, amongst others, the team in charge of transmission can have many variables to deal with, whilst trying to stick as closely as possible to the published schedule.

We hope you will appreciate just how difficult this job can be and that, although it usually runs very smoothly, the schedule is subject to changes from time to time.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us here at Channel 4 and for your interest in our programming.


Steve Reynolds
Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries


Whether the program itself started late should make no difference. The digital start and end signals should be triggered with the actual start/end of the program NOT the scheduled start/end. That is what YouView auto recording is all about.
Please get your technicians to read what I actually said.

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Thanks for sharing. I will go into battle directly with C4 too. After all the hype and marketing around Freeview PVRs and functionality such as series link (clearly competing with Sky+), and given all the trailing and promotion C4 have done for their flagship Sunday night drama, it really makes me cross that they can be so sloppy.
One thing that is confusing me is why there has not been more noise around this. Any ideas? Is it possible that it is only affecting certain users? I can't see how.
Same here. Fortunately we record Friday Night Dinner immediately after Homeland. The end of Homeland was on the beginning of Friday Night Dinner. More luck than judgement though.
Same here as well, seeing end of programmes cut off early on Channel 4 HD mostly when using AR.

Did briefly try padding but it's not that good either, especially when you want to record two programmes one after the other on the same channel. Programme #1 gets cut off early so that the padding records programme #2. Normally I can see the end of programme #1 by watching the recording of programme #2 but I watch my recordings in a random order that some may get deleted so I miss it.

Oh and episode 2 of Friday Night Dinner didn't get recorded for some reason. No errors or failed recording message? It's still in series link.
Consecutive programmes recorded on padding omit the padding between the two, and the recordings switch at the scheduled time BUT the HDR does not seem to update its internal clock except at a cold start. I have noticed a significant discrepancy at times. If the programmes do not switch at the advertised time that adds to the problem.

The way out of it is to use the custom software to combine the consecutive recordings, and then split them again (if you wish) at the actual switch.
Oh and episode 2 of Friday Night Dinner didn't get recorded for some reason. No errors or failed recording message? It's still in series link.
I have this set as well, and noticed that ep 2 had not been scheduled even though it was in the EPG. I checked and found that the series ID/crid details had changed, so I reset the series and it recorded OK.
I see that ep 3 has not been set yet, so am assuming that they have changed the details again, so I will have to reset my series link again.:rolleyes: Channel 4 seem to be having a few issues lately.

Edit: Just checked ep 3 details, and Channel 4 have changed the series ID/crid details again.:rolleyes: I have reset my series link again, will see what happens for ep 4.
"Dear ********,
Thank you for contacting Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries regarding HOMELAND.
We are sorry to hear that you had an issue with the recording of this programme, it is something we are aware of and are attempting to resolve. If you are able to reply to this email with the model of PVR you are using, we will forward the details to our engineering department.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us here at Channel 4 and for your interest in our programming.

...just thinking back to when I was unfashionable for warning against AR... ;)
You could not resist it so I can't resist it either: back then, most channels were using AR correctly so no problems, channel 5 usa or such like had problems. As many here noticed, things have changed recently, I too missed the end of Homeland, because broadcasters screwed up, as in the CH4 admission. I will fire a query at them as well and the more do so the better the chances they will do something about it. Perhaps we should start a new thread called AR misfiring in which people should post such events and then our armada can fire questions at all such broadcasters.

PS this behaviour started before the latest retune this week.