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Jamie McD

Hello all,

Just wondering if any of you have found a way to stream Amazon Prime Video through an HDR-Fox-T2? I've got the custom firmware installed, if that helps things at all.

Currently I wire a small laptop up direct to the TV, but this seems a little cumbersome.

As ever, thanks for the firmware, folks and thanks for any insights you can offer

With all the best


Black Hole

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The short answer is "no".

The long answer is that we have no way to output from custom firmware to video/audio (other than limited HTML rendering), so there is nothing that can be done to provide such functions - even if the Amazon Prime streaming specification was open to third party developers.

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Get a TV with the app on it, or buy the tiny Fire TV box from Amazon.
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I have an Apple TV and AirPlay the Prime videos to it from my iPad. Still somewhat clumsy but it avoids trailing cables, and the picture is fine.



Get a TV with the app on it, or buy the tiny Fire TV box from Amazon.
The Amazon Fire TV is much the best way I have found for viewing Amazon Prime. Knocks a PC or my so called "smart" Bravia into a cocked hat.
The tiny bluetooth connected remote is good.
Do not bother with the game controller unless you are in to games. I am not. If you are, you probably have, or want, a real games console.