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A friend needs to replace her TV and is complaining the new ones don't have a SCART socket (I've pointed her at a SCART-HDMI converter).
My friend (at what age does "elderly" start? She's defying that classification) is (for whatever reason :dunno:) into archiving telly. Despite my indications years ago she was going about it the hard way, she's elderly enough not to see what she does as "broken", and was using a DVD recorder to record to DVD-RAM (I think), take the disc to her PC (money does not seem to be an object - when she fills one up or it breaks she just buys another or another USB drive - and that includes filling up iPads with video), runs DVD Decryptor on it, then instead of using a compatible player relies on WMP and has to run a conversion on the VOB.

She just had to replace her telly and was complaining that there are no SCART sockets these days, so I suggested an eBay SCART to HDMI converter for less than a tenner - but it seems her DVD recorder is broken now too, so I have proposed sourcing a HDR-FOX and to use that with CF to make her recordings directly available across the network.

I'll lend her my cold spare for the moment, see how she gets on. Now, where's that eBay listing for compatible WiFi dongles...


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TBH the older I get the less inclined I am to archive anything from the telly as there is very little likelihood of my ever watching it again as my remaining lifetime viewing hours slowly clock down to an eventual zero and are better spent on watching things I have not seen before.


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She just had to replace her telly and was complaining that there are no SCART sockets these days
I had to replace my trusty 4:3 crt TV last week - as it was no longer trusty. It wouldn't switch on.
I didn't want something big or fancy and settled on a cheap DVB-T only small set from Argos. The point is. it came with a SCART socket, AV, YPbPr and (sadly) only one HDMI socket.


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I had to replace my trusty 4:3 crt TV last week - as it was no longer trusty...
You're not the last to make the jump to 16:9 - while out for a walk late this afternoon I spotted a smallish 4:3 flat screen TV being watched. Made a difference from the huge wall-mounted TV in a room so small you can't get more than 8' away that you usually see.


I bought 2 AVI to HDMI converters with a 720/1080 switch on the side from Ebay, neither work as all but 1 of my TVs just puts up a message about unsupported resolution, on the one that I get a picture it is 4:3 and says resolution is 640 x 400.

I still have the 1st CTV I ever bought, still working but only has an RF input. I am using a chinese AVI to RF (£12 from Ebay) converter that actually works very well. Back in 1983 that 22" CTV cost me more than the 32" I recently bought for the kitchen.