Another DSO Event?

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Could we be in for another DSO event? this message is being transmitted by the Sutton Coldfield transmitter

There is some info. HERE
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As far as I can see this is an LCN shuffling exercise and doesn't actually require a retune if we don't want to. As long as we don't retune, the services will all operate on the old LCNs - but of course any new services introduced on the LCNs freed by the shuffle will not be available until we do retune.

I currently have split personalities across my boxes: the one I retuned recently has Quest on 37 and Quest+1 on 38, but the rest still just have Quest on 38 and work perfectly well like that.
As far as I can see this is an LCN shuffling exercise and doesn't actually require a retune if we don't want to.
I think that is correct, but we may still get a 'forced re-tune' nag message which will catch users out again, e.g. 'Retune Now or Later' followed by an auto re-tune if not answered within a time limit
Yes it's the children's & news shuffle that sky blocked a few years ago.

As above, you don't need to retune if you don't want to, services will still work.

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One of my HDR-FOX T2s 'wizarded' on me yesterday. Before I restored my recording schedule, I noticed that a 'DSO event' had been scheduled for 3.30 PM today. I wonder how many people are going to arrive home and find that Coronation Street has not been recorded?

Edit: OK, I'm out by a week. Read this message again next Wednesday.
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I know that CF will auto backup and restore the schedule, but I was worried about its contents.

i.e. do the recording schedule entries use the LCN, or the channel SvcID, to identify which channel to be recorded?

If they use the SvcID, I could then see how LCNs could be purely for display, and thus an LCN juggling event could be ignored. And also why the schedule would then not need any remapping for LCN changes.

I had a look at the recording reservation table, in the DB browser, but I don't see any sign of LCN or SvcID, so that didn't quite help.

General question: when we manually retune (or get the auto retune, assuming we've not installed disable-dso) what happens to the recording schedule? Does it get remapped so that moved channels are accounted for?
Without Custom Firmware the recording schedule and Favourites list are deleted and you would have to manually re-enter all the info. With the Custom Firmware installed, Yes the channels get re-mapped, as far as I'm aware the CFW has always managed to correctly re-map the channels
I can't say what all the fields are, but here is a CFW backup for a single recording schedule :-
event   0       0       30      0       3       524421  3600    1409166000      0       FP.BBC.CO.UK/U24QWI     1FP.BBC.CO.UK/241AN1|1FP.BBC.CO.UK/241AN2|      Hotel India             BBC TWO HD      Hotel India     00000000000000  50      0       4       0       0       0       0       0       9       0       0       102     58948
As you can see it contains :-
524421 = hSvc
102 = usLCN
szSvcName = BBC TWO HD
hSvc is generated locally on the Humax and changes when you retune:
hSvc = 65536 * tsidx + svcidx
where those two index variables are auto-incrementing primary keys for their relevant tables (row identifiers if you like) in the channel database.
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From what I recall, af123 created the schedule restore process to use a variety of methods to recreate each individual schedule entry - if necessary by searching for the programme title in the new EPG.
How does Reorder/Renumber handle this?
If it uses Channel Numbers then presumably if they don't change it will be OK unless those are changed, which from what has been said earlier I believe they will not on this retune.
This coming retune is definitely changing LCNs - in fact that's all it's doing - if LCN is what you mean by Channel Number?
It's definitely an advantage on my TV to have the channel list /EPG starting