Another DSO Event?


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Removes 70-85 inclusive, 301, 791-796 inclusive.
Moves 90 to 70 (CBS Action).
So instead of retuning, if we aren't bothered about CBS Action, at this point we could just delete all those numbers and we are effectively up-to-date.

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There is no disable dso on Freeview. Only on certain Humax boxes.


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The HDR-200oT has not reproduced the retune offer after I dismissed it. This occured for both the 3rd September's event and yesterday event.

For the 3rd September I did see some retune reminders afterward I had dismissed the pop-up but they had a different look and feel and did not have any forced actions behind them.
Someone over at myhumax org did post that they still had messages after they had dismissed the HDR-2000T retune Now/Later pop-up but did not state which sort the messages were.

Unfortunately the HDR-2000T pop-up is still focused on 'Now' when it cames up and so can still cause hastle.


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Is that a question or a statement?
If the former, the answer is "Yes".
It was really a question, but after typing it the two halves of my brain debated for some time about whether I should put a ? at the end as the sentence construction is more of a statement open to being contradicted.
So eventually I consciously decided to omit the ? and see what happened. (It was going on 1am)

Thank you for clarifying what we could do, and the grammar issue can be moved to Assume vs Presume if a mod can be bothered :)
My wife and I have been away and just returned on Tuesday. I had forgotten about the DSO event.

On Thursday morning, my HD Fox had dutifully retuned to both the local (lower channel numbers) and the main transmitter. So I had to manually retune to the main transmitter. I feared for the HDR Fox which has two pages of schedules - but the automatic tuning had not been carried out on that box.

When questioned, my wife, said she had seen the message the day before and had selected "Later". The box was used until about 2100, certainly past the specified 1600 retune event time.

I can only assume that selecting "Later" and then not switching off the box until after the DSO event time (and cessation of the event message - another assumption) meant the HDR did not auto-retune.



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Looks like there's going to be another forced retune next Monday. Hopefully this is just for people in the Oxford and Ridge Hill areas who are apparently going to be changing ITV regions...


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The service IDs will be changing, so people in the affected areas won't have any ITV1 SD if they don't retune (some may think of that as a blessing).