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Automatic software update June 2013

New software for the YouView Humax box is now available for Retail and BT customers. This will be a phased roll out over the next few weeks, so some boxes will receive this software sooner than others. For more information for your BT YouView box please visit:

This software introduces enhancements to channel filters in the guide and the Timeshift playback bar:

• Enhancements to the guide include the ability to remove the currently set channel filter via the red button; Adult Channels will only appear in ‘Adult & Dating’ or in the ‘All Channels’ Filters
• Enhancements to the Timeshift playback bar include a new visual design for the playback bar; The playback time now follows the programme position marker when scrolling left or right; A Buffer time marker has been introduced at 5 minute intervals. The marker colour will alternate between grey and blue with each 5 minute interval; An “[HD]” icon will be displayed for HD channels.

This software also fixes the following reported issues:

• HDMI CEC TV standby-to-on and source selection feature not working as expected. (Further improvements to HDMI CEC to switch devices to standby/off may be included in a later release).
• Missing options when the (i) button is pressed on a recorded programme.
• Black/blank screen displayed when tuning to a channel with a recording in progress.
• Hidden channels being displayed in the EPG.
• Inability to see More Episodes/ Series within On Demand.
• Failure to detect an HD programme being broadcast at a different time whilst scheduling recordings.
• Action Panel showing items in the Film category with the incorrect type in the details tab.
(Note: we are aware of a remaining issue where a small number of films still show as "Programme" and this will be addressed in a later release).

You can check if you have the latest version by pressing the YouView button on your remote control, navigate to Settings > System Information > Software Versions.

For those boxes that have already received the update you will see the following:
Manufacturer Software: 13.4.0
Component Software: 1.6.0
Platform configuration: 490
ISP Configuration: (varies by ISP)

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Another update on 9th July.

Manufacturer Software: 14.0.0
Component Software: 1.7.0
Platform configuration: 492
ISP Configuration: 29