Any idea what got updated?


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Noticed my box updated yesterday but no idea what has changed.
Automatic software update June 2013

New software for the YouView Humax box is now available for Retail and BT customers. This will be a phased roll out over the next few weeks, so some boxes will receive this software sooner than others. For more information for your BT YouView box please visit:

This software introduces enhancements to channel filters in the guide and the Timeshift playback bar:

• Enhancements to the guide include the ability to remove the currently set channel filter via the red button; Adult Channels will only appear in ‘Adult & Dating’ or in the ‘All Channels’ Filters
• Enhancements to the Timeshift playback bar include a new visual design for the playback bar; The playback time now follows the programme position marker when scrolling left or right; A Buffer time marker has been introduced at 5 minute intervals. The marker colour will alternate between grey and blue with each 5 minute interval; An “[HD]” icon will be displayed for HD channels.

This software also fixes the following reported issues:

• HDMI CEC TV standby-to-on and source selection feature not working as expected. (Further improvements to HDMI CEC to switch devices to standby/off may be included in a later release).
• Missing options when the (i) button is pressed on a recorded programme.
• Black/blank screen displayed when tuning to a channel with a recording in progress.
• Hidden channels being displayed in the EPG.
• Inability to see More Episodes/ Series within On Demand.
• Failure to detect an HD programme being broadcast at a different time whilst scheduling recordings.
• Action Panel showing items in the Film category with the incorrect type in the details tab.
(Note: we are aware of a remaining issue where a small number of films still show as "Programme" and this will be addressed in a later release).

You can check if you have the latest version by pressing the YouView button on your remote control, navigate to Settings > System Information > Software Versions.

For those boxes that have already received the update you will see the following:
Manufacturer Software: 13.4.0
Component Software: 1.6.0
Platform configuration: 490
ISP Configuration: (varies by ISP)
Do you have insider knowledge, or is this a quote from somewhere? If the latter, etiquette dictates you should credit where it came from.
Another update on 9th July.

Manufacturer Software: 14.0.0
Component Software: 1.7.0
Platform configuration: 492
ISP Configuration: 29