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anyone using a harmony remote, power setting help


Hi 2 questions, my box powers on to record is this correct, and if using my harmony to power on and my box is recording it puts the box to sleep as it thinks that the box is still sleeping since the last power off command, any help on this ?


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The Hummy normally records in half awake state but if you are using DetectAds in ChaseRun mode that will fully awaken the humax so that it can decrypt the recording.

Are you using the Harmony to turn both TV and Humax on with a single button push? Otherwise why are you powering on the Humax if it is already on!
If DetectAds is still running when you attempt to power off it will turn the power back on in about 30 seconds.


Thanks MymsMan correct in all points and I use one button to switch everything on a watch tv activity


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With my Harmony I set my activities to *not* power ON or OFF the source box as I like to control that myself. For example, if I know a PVR will be used again within the hour (to view or record something) I will leave it turned on. I have the Exit button long press set to power ON or OFF the current source device.


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I use a Harmony with mine and it works perfectly, since the Humax still responds correctly to on/off in half-awake state, i.e. it's as though it's still asleep, so the Harmony state model is still correct. I don't use DetectAds, so that may be the issue.


Thanks everyone will change some settings (DetectAds) and test over the weekend


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I replaced the switch on command from the power toggle to 0000. That will power it up if in standby, or do nothing if already on.

I removed the power toggle for off as well and set the Humax timer to go to standby at 2am each night.

I don't mind the Humax to be on when not in use, giving time to decrypt or detect add. Though mine can hang if left on all night.

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