Are they all unreliable?

Have BT changed their rules about only getting BT Sport on a Youview box supplied directly by themselves then?
I don't understand that either. It's available via Sky and Virgin, but how you use this box to access it is a mystery.

I suppose you buy that box from JL as an extra box in another room, to use with BT Broadband, or to replace the cr*ppy one you got a year ago from BT?
There were reports of people with a BT TV sub and a BT Youview box being able to use a second Youview box in another room and get the BT Sport etc channels on it. Until BT realised that their systems allowed this when they shouldn't and asked them to elect which box they wanted the sub to apply to losing the extra channels from the other box leaving it as vanilla Freeview.
I replaced the BT supplied box with the newer box, so never had both on together.
I have recently bought a DTR T2000 from Amazon. It is to replace a dead Fox-T2 owned for 18 months which was a Grade A Humax direct purchase. The T2000 lasted less than a month before it froze on using 4OD and I had to do a cold restart. Also randomly only plays first few minutes of recordings before saying recording finished when clearly all the programme is on the drive. Now randomly only records first few minutes of programmes. Luckily I can return the box to Amazon. I may regret this but I have requested a direct replacement. This maybe my last Humax box if this one is so unreliable.
I have a DTR T1000 and I am seeing the same issue with recording only the first few mins of a programme. started this week. Was OK before.