Auto-restart and loss of signal


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I have an HDR-Fox-T2 about 7 years old. Working fine until yesterday.
Now, when I switch on it seems fine, but after a minute or so it will auto-restart and when it comes back most likely it says "no signal or signal too weak". SOmetimes it has the right but sometimes this has reset to 1am on a date in 1971. If I turn it off and on again (power switch at back) it will appear fine until after a minute or so it auto-restarts.
On one accassion after a restart it did have signal and correct time/date, but when I turned it off/on with the remote it went back into the auto-restart cycle.
I have checked that aerial cable is secuerly plugged-in. What else can I do to find out what's wrong or is this the "end-of-life" for it?


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Having read your post for solving crash issues, I thought the easiest thing to try would be to unplug the network cable (I'd already unplugged USB drive).
Blow-me-down it worked, the box has been working perfectly since.
So, what had changed? Yesterday I powered up an old Zyxel NAS that I have, with the intention of using it for backup. My W10 PC couldn't map it as a drive because it (the Zyxel) uses SMBv1 and W10 has SMBv2, so I enabled SMBv1 on the W10 PC. Don't know whether it was the turning on of the Zyxel that is the root cause, or the change to SMB on the W10 PC. The Zyxel was in use up until about 6 months ago and didn't cause problems.
Anyhow, I plan to just leave the network cable unplugged as we never use the network features anyway.

Thanks very much for your help.

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I'm glad you think it's sorted, I can't say I think that explains all your reported symptoms.

Fine, but if you don't use the network functionality why was it plugged in at all?

The most likely cause is a DLNA conflict, and we have the tools in the custom firmware to solve that.