auto-unprotect (and other packages?) on HD model


I know this is the HDR not HD forum however all the developments are happening here...

I installed auto-unprotect on my HD however it wasn't removing the encryption flags. The fix was very simple just changing the line root="/media/My Video/" to root="/media/drive1/Video/" in /mod/sbin/auto-unprotect.
However I am wondering if there are other packages with similar issues?
Obviously an alternative is to mount or link /media/My Video to /media/drive1/Video - this might be worth adding to the mod as standard rather than changing packages?
Does this fix also allow you to remove the encryption by copying to the virtual drive, as with the HDR model?
Does this fix also allow you to remove the encryption by copying to the virtual drive, as with the HDR model?
Unfortunately not, I have to kill the HD elf and run the HDR elf and then copy the files (can't take credit for this idea - came from Drutt). Slightly long winded but works.
Thanks to the work by ratx, I'm going to create a command line decrypt package very soon and then add decryption to virtual from the web interface too. That should work on both models.

That's going to require an update to auto-unprotect too so I'll wrap in the changes for the HD. It would probably make sense to do the symbolic link in the next custom firmware but I don't have an HD so can't test to see if there are any other implications. If the HD owners here try it and tell me there are no side effects of creating the link, then the next custom firmware can do it.
That sounds good, I look forward to trying it on my HD, although I have not yet used the command line feature.
Why does it have to be to virtual? The streaming decrypt should copy back anywhere I would have thought, so it could decrypt back into place without needing a virtual drive and its mount problems, and the standard utilities would still be able to access the decrypted version.

I'm quite keen on the web interface "download" button too.
Somebody has reported that decryption in-place rendered the files unplayable by the Humax itself. That shouldn't be the case though so more investigation is required. If possible, I'll have it decrypt and then replace the original file.

The 'download decrypted' link in webif will be added too.
That was me ;) if I replaced existing SD TS files with the decrypted versions in the same place the Humax refused to play them back - at least that is my re-collection - I'd appreciate someone else testing obviously. It might be something in the hmt file that tells humaxtv to expect them to be crypted? I didn't want to lose the meta information for the recording on the box itself and didn't really look into it further. I didn't test HD files either...