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AV2HDR V1.6 and V1.4 Download Links

Discussion in 'FOXSAT-HDR Customised Firmware' started by raydon, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. raydon

    raydon Well-Known Member

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  2. Michael

    Michael Founder

  3. Found them anyhow but welcome Raydon, only had a hummy for 3 weeks and AV2HDR is awesome , and so the site Michael
  4. moggyminor1966

    moggyminor1966 New Member

    Just joined and wondered what AV2HDR is-could you explain please?
  5. raydon

    raydon Well-Known Member

    It's a utility which creates Foxsat HDR compatible files from non-native video sources which can then be imported to the HDR's hard disk. i.e. Home movies, DVD rips etc can be imported and played back on the HDR, not just programs recorded by the box itself. The help file included in the download zip gives full details of program usage and source video requirements.
  6. moggyminor1966

    moggyminor1966 New Member

    Thanks very much for the info.
  7. Cant get it started. Reading files is OK, but on a "Go" i get an error message.....but first things first: I can not even open the help file, but i cant read the pages it contains. Once i get the help file read, i might get things started. Anyone has an idea of what to do? is there a help in "plain text" ?
  8. grahamlthompson

    grahamlthompson Well-Known Member

    It's a problem with Windows 7, Raydon sent me a link to a little utility that fixed it on my Win 7 laptop. (the links are on Hummy.org). No problems that I know of on XP. Hopefully Raydon will be along shortly with the right advice.
  9. Hi, to use the help file right click on the AV2HDR.chm file and select properties , and select unblock at the bottom of the screen. HTH
  10. Thank you....I got the help file working, so let me see if i can get the whole thing running.
    From another forum someone said that i m ight have to give the following thing attention:
    I had to do this to get it to work on Vista x64
    In DOS got to c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727 and type Ldr64.exe setwow <enter> (All cases and spaces are important!!)
    Ill start doing soem more trials
  11. I need more help...av2hdr does run, but still gives an "not valid path" error when i give a GO. The help file does not help me out on this.
    The ldr64.exe file that was metioned on another forum is not on my disk. The mentioned directory is though!
    I am scared to fool around with ldr64.exe.....i dont know what it does exactly....and the web is full of warnings to not fool around with it.
    Can anyone help me out? Is av2hdr compiled to unly run on 64bit machines, or only 32 bit machines, or something like that? :(
  12. Are you using Windows 7 64 bit? , that file is for 64bit , also which version of .Net have you got. Mine is 3.5.1 and av2hdr works fine on mine (64bit)
    I will fire up my 32 bit version and try that too.... Yep works fine on there too. When you select file import video does it show the video info? Also have you selected a File / Output Folder
  13. marcoscu

    marcoscu New Member

    Many thanks for the utility and info.
  14. Wibs

    Wibs New Member

    The complete step-by-step tutorial is here.

  15. Kit


  16. Kit


    Oops just seen the instructions above - they work!
  17. I've opened av2hdr for the first time, and dragged a movie file (.vob as it happens) into the GUI box. I don't fully understand what other fields need to be completed or what they mean, but it matters not because the GO box is inaccessible, ie off the bottom of the screen, so I can get no further! I can click & hold on the title bar and nudge the whole box up about 1 cm, and the GO is visible right at the bottom, but as soon as I release the mouse button the whole thing sinks down again. What I need is a smaller GUI. I realise that this problem is not specifically related to this product, but I've never encountered it before. On another forum, someone couldn't reach the t&c 'I accept' box to download Adobe, but their post had no solutions offered. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  18. grahamlthompson

    grahamlthompson Well-Known Member

    Sounds as if you are using a very low resolution screen (perhaps on a netbook). Right click on your desktop and choose graphics properties. See if you can increase the screen resolution.
  19. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    I have had a similar issue whilst running an unrelated program on my netbook, and couldn't access boxes that were off the bottom of the screen. This could be due to the netbook having a non-standard screen shape, and a maximum resolution of 1024 x 600. I managed to get round this issue by using the "tab" key to move to the required box, and then pressing enter to select it.
  20. Thanks Graham - I've seen that suggestion on another forum, but I'm on a desktop 1366x768 so no need to pursue that line. However all is now fine. I had downloaded version 1.5 from 4shared before viewing this thread. Now I've downloaded v1.4 via the hummy.tv link above, and the offending GUI is now smaller and more square allowing access to the GO button. And to really make my day, my .vob movie clip now plays perfectly on the HDR!! Maybe you would be interested to try v1.5 and see if you get the same result.