BBC 3 Moves Online

Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound

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Agreed, why does this logo have to be bigger and brighter than the other BBC 'top left' logos?


Just started seeing "BBC Three Has Moved Online" in the EPG.

Has there been any discussion of who will get the freed up channels?

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I imagine "digital bandwidth on multiplexes previously occupied by BBC THREE and BBC THREE HD". I wonder if the OED are interested? :D


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Thanks prpr for tunefix. (Unashamed plug!)
Yeah, I've started using that in place of channeldel although I seem to have some adult channels on my box for some reason at the moment - must look into it why they aren't being deleted!


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I suspect that a BBC1+1 or BBC2+1 will occupy the mux channels vacated by BBC3. A couple of months or so ago there was some mention in the press of BBC seeing a need to do +1 channels.


How about dumping 99% of weather "forecasts" - putting all sport on the sports channels and just sticking to news on news broadcasts?
Personally I'd like to see at least one HD movie channel.
Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound

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I was wondering what they would do with the EPG for BBC3 and BBC3HD and the answer is divide it into 30 Min. chunks that all display the same message :-

What happens to the bandwidth?, well 2 hours per day will be used to extend CBBC and CBBC-HD from 7pm to 9pm and the rest? as yet undecided
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