BBC Four online only


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That's actually an improvement for us.
I gave up on COM7 a couple of years ago as our reception was so flaky with pixelation and failed recordings. We've only had B4 in SD since then, so it'll be nice to get it in HD again.


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My COM7 is also dodgy, but I rarely watch HD - just Forces TV for some of the old rubbish they show. Trouble is, every time a double decker bus goes past I lose 3 or more seconds of picture. (I also get momentary interference on other muxes other than BBC A and D3&4). The idea that the BBC has only just found the space on BBC B is a load of bull. If you keep your eye on (I have) the space has been there for over a year.


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Oops! Senior moment! I’d even replied to the post. The aforementioned a516digital (on twitface) posted the update to the Freeview checker and I’d forgotten about the other post. :oops:
I’m more bothered by the possible loss of Forces TV rather than loss of HD/SD duplication.


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Old news. That information has been available for a while. Obviously there must be a massive cost difference between being on COM7 and the other multiplexes. The fact that Forces TV is closing on all platforms means I don't feel as though I'm missing out!