BBC teletext

I listen to the radio in the car for the morning news or look at the headlines on my phone :p .... actually I had forgotten that teletext existed in freeview.
Not very quick from what I remember.:D

sounds like it been a long time since you've used teletext. very good now no looking at the No's at the top of the page waiting for the next screen to appear, however if you want that retro look just go on teletext holidays (you'll think its the eight's again)
I did have Teletext Plus on my TUTV pvr's, this had colour photo's and music, but not much else.
I've just tried pressing my Red Button when on a BBC channel, and was Not amazed:) Nothing happened!:D
I'll try it when I am working late shift and have more time in the mornings.:)
I'm still not getting it here, I've only got the four HD channels tuned into my box, so perhaps that is why it is not working for me.