BBC To End Red Button Digital Text


This is really irritating.
Its the only thing I use the BBC for.
The titles are all I read but thats useful.
Once upon a time the BBC teletext was very useful and available
to PC cards under program control.
I guess they just dont have enough staff capable of doing anything news related anymore.
They arent as inept as freeview but they aren't at all professional or creative anymore either.
Propaganda seems to be their sole purpose these days.


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Not sure about elitism, but to get right wing propaganda from the BBC??? Pig might fly and hell will freeze over before that. 😂


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BBC suspends Red Button text switch-off
BBC News said:
The BBC has suspended the closure of its Red Button text service after protests, a day before it was due to have started being phased out.
Lord Hall said:
People have expressed their concern that the closure of Red Button text service could negatively affect elderly people and people with disabilities.
These are issues which I feels [sic] deserve to be explored in more depth... so we have decided to suspend its closure pending further work in that area.
[The service would continue] as close as possible to its current state for the time being.


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I saw an advert for it being closed down only a few days ago.
Not forgetting the irritating loop on 601.
I saw the suspension on the BBC News Channel "Breaking" ticker early this afternoon - so the decision was probably made today.
. . . Or until Tony Hall steps down as BBC director general (in summer 2020)
The news BBC News web page does suggest a new decision will be made in the spring.
Not that I'd trust any consultation (BBC, government, railways...). Consultations always seem to give the result the management want.


A desperate damage limitation attempt by the BBC after so much recent pressure to scrap or make the licence fee optional, lets hope the pressure continues and they are also forced to continue with the free licence for the over 75's or its scrapped and are forced to fend for themselves. Someone needs to start producing licence free TV's that are incapable of receiving BBC broadcasts giving us all an easy opt out option if we choose.


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Why? That would not change the legal position of needing a TV licence to watch any live TV whether from the BBC or not.


I stand corrected, I had always assumed that the other channels not funded by the licence fee were available without the licence, letting my comment stand I guess that a greatly reduced licence fee would be the best I could hope for then.
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I had always assumed that the other channels not funded by the licence fee were available without the licence

I wonder how common a misconception that is? Nope, it's a licence to receive TV - not a licence to receive BBC - and that includes over the Internet. We used to need a licence to receive radio too.


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A bit like planning objections. Almost everyone opposes it but it still goes through.
I can think of one near here where that applies! Even the local council objected, then it was overturned on appeal. Now the council just wave them through.