BBC1 South SD (channel 101) won't record

Has anyone else found this? I can record programmes on the BBC1 HD channel but not on the standard channel. Attempting to record an SD programme shows in the schedule as: date 19/01, time o3:14 - 03:14.
This is nothing to do with clashing with other recordings. It happens with any BBC 1 program regardless of the time of day. For instance, today I selected "Saturday Kitchen Live" as test. Nothing else was set to record this morning (as it happens I only ever record evening programmes), but it showed as the "dummy" setting on 19/01. The HD version works properly.

This has been happening for maybe a few months now. I thought at first it might be to do with the Custom Firmware, but I've removed that and the problem still occurs. Bit of a nuisance because I can't transfer HD recordings to my PC, which I occasionally want to do.
Have you tried a manual, fixed time recording rather than relying on the Accurate Recording info?