BBC2/BBC4 recording problem.


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Hi everybody,
For about a month now I’ve been having problems recording BBC2 and BBC4 simultaneously. BBC2 records ok but during the recording, if I change channels to BBC4 I get a “weak or no signal message” on screen. There’s no way to check the strength while recording because it’s greyed out, but once the recording stops, the BBC4 signal comes back. The BBC4 programme is not recorded.
I’m in Belfast within 5 miles of the transmitter, and signal strength/quality is 80-90/100%. Channel 60, which carries BBC4, is the lowest, at 60%/100%. It’s not a signal strength problem.
I seem to remember that there was a similar problem years ago but Humax issued a fix for it. I contacted Humax support but their suggestion was to run a factory reset, which has no effect.
I installed custom firmware and a new hard disc about 3 years ago to solve the constant delete problem and since then I’ve had no problems, until now. From looking through the forum I seem to be the only one with this one.
Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance



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What you didn't say was that you are trying to record BBC4HD. Can I assume you are also recording BBC2HD?
Looking at the Divis transmitter I notice that BBC2HD is on the BBCB multiplex (UHF channel 24) and with a power of 100kW. BBC4HD is on multiplex COM8 at only 12.66kW. That explains the difference in signal strength but not the problems you describe.
Have there been any retune events in your area recently?
This might sound silly, but I have had similar problems. Have you recently moved any of the aerial cables connecting the Humax and possibly your TV. I've had real problems with my set up that could only be cured by experiment and moving the cables around. Moving the cable a couple of centimetres or removing a kink in the cable seems to make a lot of difference. Might be worth a try.

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If the OP is recording / watching programmes from 2 different Muxs at the same time he will be utilizing the 'second' tuner, may be he only has one that is functioning properly, each tuner can be tested separately using the hidden menu in the Wiki


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Sorry, yes. Recording HD on both channels.

Both tuners seem to be functioning Ok.

There was a major retune in September to prepare for 5G services, and I notice that group T wideband aerials are now recommended to receive HD channels. That might be the problem since my aerial is ancient, although as I said, signal quality is pretty good. It’s not a big expense so I’ll try that next.

Thanks to both of you for such a quick response. Much appreciated.


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True, but the OP was referring to BBC2HD (BBCB) and BBC4HD (COM8, which is HiDef ;) ). Of course the difficulty Minari is having with BBC4HD should apply to all other services on COM8 including those that are StdDef. If/when COM7/8 vanish a lot of people are going to have wideband aerials which, in theory, they don't need. Still, nothing wrong with getting a new aerial and cable expertly fitted.


just to confirm an issue
I have been seeing this for a couple of months now.
It does just seem to affect BBC HD.
I usually remove the aerial and replug it or reboot and it all comes back to life at full signal.


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Good question. For the benefit of those trying to supply an answer you need to be more specific. BBC1HD, BBC2HD and CBBCHD are on multiplex BBCB. BBC News HD is on COM7, whilst CBeebiesHD and BBC4HD are on COM8.