Bit of Portal News

Phew... I'm glad it wasn't just me. It could have been one of those crowd-mirages - like when large numbers of people see something that could not exist; like UFOs, Father Christmas or Gordon Brown.
Looks like it's back!

Wed 26-01-2011
to Fri 28-01-2011
9am Humax HD-FOX T2 / HDR-FOX T2 1.01.12 / 1.01.09

Not the portal though.
forget about the portal on the OTA for the moment (looking up at your aerial with your hands clasped just looks like your praying :))

not many days left for the end of jan for the USB

just a thought when they said end of jan, was a year put to that ?
yes - the HDR-FOX t2 portal firmware will be 1.02.xx .
Can we all start guessing what .xx will turn out to be.
I'm guessing 2 internal builds a week this year which by the end of Janurary will make it .9 (ish). Of course if any beta testers have a version after that then hey have a bit of an advantage.
I think the clue was in the leaked version number on the DTG site that got pulled.. they had it at 1.02.07.
So if that version was a dud, its going to be 1.02.08/09

It wouldnt surprise me if we jumped to 1.02.13.. but then it wouldnt surprise me either if we dont hear anything for a few more weeks :eek:( LOL

I'm not all that fussed about the portal, yeah i'm sure it will be good in the future judging by (which is already at v2.01 btw) but the main thing I want is the bug fixes & improvements!

Come on Humax, give it to the readers on this site at least! what harm would it do??