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So i just did a retune and see that the BT sports channels are being broadcast. Any idea if BT will be making these channels available via a top up service or are they only there to cater for those with a BT vision box?

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Have you looked at the BT Sports web site which explains it all as best as they know how? Which admittedly leaves many questions unanswered. But to summarise

1) The BT Sports channels broadcast on DTT/Freeview will only be viewable on BT Vision boxes.

2) The BT Sports channels multicast over the internet to BT Infinity users will only be viewable on BT Youview boxes (*)

3) The BT Sports channels broadcast on satellite will be viewable by Sky users if they subscribe to BT (in addtion to any Sky subscription they may have).

(*) I have been told by BT that my ex-trial / retail Youview box can be used by asking them configure it logically as a BT Youview box.
1) The BT Sports channels broadcast on DTT/Freeview will only be viewable on BT Vision boxes.

Didn't see that bit but thought it was probably the case.

Does seem strange to go to the cost of broadcasting on three DTT channels just to cater a box they seem to be phasing out in favour of Youview.

Surely it would be worth their while to make it available for non bt customers? Never mind.

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They don't transmit the video stream over Digital Terrestrial Television (Freeview), what is sent over DTT is the index, the program guide if you like, the video stream itself is delivered to the LAN connector Via the internet, it is IPTV using a data channel on DTT to supply info. only
They *will* be transmitting the BT Sports channels over DTT for use by old-style BT Vision boxes.
My mistake, I was looking up the details of 'Sports' (channel 227) which is a Data only channel rather than 'BT Sport' (channel 57) which is as you say is a TV channel. I'm wondering where they found the space for 3 video streams in the current MUX line-up
By re-purposing the Sky Sports 1 and 2 and EPSN channels. To the annoyance of TUTV subscribers who have been left high and dry.
There will also be apps to watch BT Sport on mobile devices, such as Android phones and tablets, connected .

It may be possible to mirror that back to smart TVs, or maybe smart TVs will have a BT Sport App? (For use only with a BT Broadband ID?)

Just checked the app stores, nothing there yet!

Edit: Checked myBT pages. The Apps will be available on iOS5.1.1 and Android 4.1 on 1st August from the usual app stores. (This may exclude all Amazon Kindle Fire tablets from participating, but that was always a poor buy besides the Nexus 7.)
Here is an email from BT:

As a YouView and BT Infinity customer we're giving you BT Sport for free for a year. (Comment: Originally they said indefinitely, with the HD channels free for a year.) But first you need to get your YouView box ready for the action.

Get your YouView box ready

Step 1 - Go to BT Sport on the channels below: (Comment: No BT Sport below, BT Sport seems to have vanished, and the other channels just sit there inactive.)



* available from 1 August.

Step 2 - You should see the message: 'This channel is not currently set up.' (Comment: no!) Complete the set-up by pressing 'OK' – and wait for the on-screen confirmation.

Step 3 - You'll then be able to enjoy a flavour of what's coming up on BT Sport from 1 August. (Comment: Not any more, as the BT Sport channel has vanished!)

Any problems?
If you get into any difficulties viewing these channels, click here for our online help.

Unfortunately, the pause, rewind and record functions on these channels won't be available until the autumn. We'll let you know when they're ready.

What's on?
All the live fixtures can be found on, where you can also find out how to watch online and via the BT Sport app. Make sure you don't miss the start of something special.

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Managing Director, Customer Service which I meant it looks a lot like the spam I was getting claiming I needed to update or lose access to my BT Yahoo email account (containing dodgy links).
It's working on the T2 now (having done a manual tune to put it back in the list temporarily)
Even though I already had 57 BTsport, 58 BT sport1 and 59 BTsport 2, I was getting nothing, i.e. 57 = said re-tune, 58 and 59 said scrambled. However after yet another re-tune I now get 57 BTsport = working, 58 and 59 still say scrambled