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Cabling advice needed

Discussion in 'PVR-9200 Freeview Recorder' started by dragnil, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. dragnil

    dragnil Member


    I'm hoping this will be just as good as hummy.co.uk and that one of the gurus will be able to help me. We've just made the jump from an elderly analogue CRT TV to a new set-up with a Toshiba "posh telly" and DVD recorder/player with Freeview tuner from LG. The only remnant of the old system is the trusty Hummy 9200. It seems I've now got 4 Freeview tuners and one is HD!

    In the old set-up I had a scart lead from the old DVD player to Hummy and another from there to the TV and all worked fine. So, I followed a similar plan just with the TV and DVD player being changed for new kit and again, it seems to work OK. I say "seems" because I'm still reading and learning about the new kit (real men don't read the instructions I hear you say).

    However, the Toshiba book recommends using both scart sockets on the TV and I'm trying that but the configurations seems to give slightly different results, but, equally, it could be my lack of knowledge.

    Is there an optimum set-up here and if so, could anyone make a suggestion please?

    Finally, is it possible to play programmes recorded on the Hummy and record them on the DVD by juggling scart leads or something. I hope these questions make sense and if they make me look ignorant it's because I am!
  2. framedtoo

    framedtoo Member

    i take it your new equipment is hd ready, if so use hdmi for your new stuff, and a scart lead for the 9200, you may need to get an av receiver to have a similar setup to what you had before
  3. Scart tv out on hummy connects to tv AV1, scart vcr out on hummy to dvd recorder, scart tv out on dvd to tv AV2. If the dvd recorder has an hdmi out then use that to connect to tv instead of the scart. Aerial cable into hummy first then aerial out to tv.
    This way will let you copy recordings on the hummy to dvd if you want.
  4. dragnil

    dragnil Member

    Thanks, that's as clear as crystal - why can't the manual be the same? :)

  5. Just as long as it works for you ! Post with the results. Good luck.
  6. dragnil

    dragnil Member

    Yes, I will, may be a couple of days as there's a couple of cables in the post.It would be great if this forum was to grow into a worthy successor to hummy.org.uk - I always found patience and helpful advice there, here's hoping. Thanks to those responsible for setting it up and hosting it.
  7. Rodders53

    Rodders53 New Member

    I'd scart-cable it as Humax TVout--> DVD-Recorder AV2 in (both set for RGB, i.e. best picture quality) : DVD-R AV1 (TV) --> TV RGB capable scart

    The alternative using VCR out from Humax to the DVD-R will work but the best quality available then would only be S-Video (if the DVD-R supports it) and composite is one to avoid at all costs.

    Aerial wiring should follow the same route - as, otherwise, the Freeview receiver in the DVD-R would not work!
  8. dragnil

    dragnil Member

    Thanks to all. your help has been great. My current set up is as follows and seems to work fine - but feel free to suggest a better way if there is one, I'm the beginner here.

    TV to DVD recorder by HDMI
    Hummy to DVD Recorder by scart so Hummy is on as AV2 for recording
    Hummy to TV by scart so I can see it as AV1 if the DVD is off

    I think that's what you all suggested! I've used Hummy as the "main source" for some years and now the TV tuner would seem to be the obvious one to use but there's that priceless feature of Hummy viewing - you can press Pause when the phone rings.

    I can now transfer recordings from Hummy to DVD if I want to keep them and by swapping the scart from Hummy to the VHS player which was in the same box as the old DVD player I've cleared a load of cupboard space of VHS cassettes as they're all on DVD now.

    Thanks again.