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Can the 9200T be used without the remote control?



I've just been given one of these but it came minus the remote. Can the unit be used simply as a recorder without the remote, or is the remote control essential?

It will be used with a Toshiba HD ready digital TV so there's no need for it to be used as a digi-receiver. I have it connected to the TV via a scart cable only.

Many thanks.


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I suggest you get an inexpensive universal remote control from One For All or Harmony which has the Humax 9200T code set programmed in.


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My advice would be to contact Humax direct they may send you one for free (they did this for me about 6 months ago) or failing that try ebay i picked a nice and clean 2nd hand one for a fiver about 2 months ago, item number 170661818665 is only a quid right now just keep an eye on it you could get a bargain.



Many thanks guys. I may possibly have a universal remote somewhere in my garage (!) but if not I'll go for the one in ebay. At the moment it simply says "no signal" which could mean I need a remote or that the unit itself is duff.

Thanks again.


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At the moment it simply says "no signal" which could mean I need a remote or that the unit itself is duff.
I would suggest s reset to default settings and formatting the disk as a good starting point once you have a working remote.


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If the bargain options listed fail, you can get an original remote for £20 on Amazon.

Sounds like the box may be programmed for different channel frequencies than you currently use, so rescanning the channels should work (assuming the box isn't trollied). You'll need a remote to operate the box.