Can you get rid of channel display automatically?


Hi, anybody know if you can get rid of the channel display without having to press OK all the time. Every time i change channel i have to press ok, then select the new channel, press ok again, and then to get rid of the channel list have to press ok yet again. All my other Humax recorders get rid of the list automatically after you select a new channel. My friends change channel put the remote down, go and sit down only to find the channel list staring at them. They all comment "god that's annoying" I'm used to it now but is it possible to make it go off on it's own?
Thanks for quick reply. Ive tried that but all it does is change the info at the bottom of the screen once you've changed channel. I'm talking about the channel list or favorites list that comes up when you press ok. It won't go off after you select a channel, you have to press it again.
You can key in the station number directly or use the P+/P- keys but that is likely to be as many or more key presses. Annoying isn't it?
Yes it's very annoying especially when it does it on their other boxes. It's a stupid little mistake that seems to be creeping into Humax lately