Can't get rid of DSO Re-Tune Message?

Ezra Pound

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I have recently done a re-tune after DSO stage 2 and was getting the 'Channel Search NOW / LATER' message SEE PHOTO. It looks like this message will only go away after you click 'NOW', As I clicked 'LATER' in order to photograph my Schedules and then did a re-scan it didn't get rid of the message, So if you have the same problem take note of your favorites / schedules etc. and then power cycle the Humax and start a re-scan with the 'NOW' prompt [EDIT] Followed by a SAVE and an immediate power cycle
Me too. Lost all my scheduled stuff when I clicked 'now' without thinking. It's still asking me to retune. Maybe it'll stop tomorrow??
I think it appears when ASO_NOTIFY_FLAG is set to '1' in the TBL_USERCONFIG table in setup.db
My IDTV seems to be stuck in this loop too, as I'm getting a notification to retune every night and I'm not even going through DSO yet!
'My IDTV seems to be stuck in this loop too'

Is your IDTV made by Humax by any chance ?
You'd think so wouldn't you, but it's a Panasonic. I wouldn't mind but I can't spot the difference after the retune. At least my Sony PVR/DVD/HDD machine just tells me that it's added new channels with no input from me.
The 'Now / Later' Message re-appeared on the 28th Sept. (Sutton Coldfield area), So here we go again, another round of Favorites / Schedule programming :(