Cant restore saved Schedule via webif


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There will be a file on your Humax hard disk, /etc/modversion which contains details of the version you have.

See for download locations.
I have 111 so presume I'm on 1.11.
After I restore I get the message !!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE NOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After restoring the scheduled recordings you MUST restart the box using the link at the top of the screen or via the remote control and then add at least one scheduled entry using the remote control (which you can then delete).

but no link appears. Also in the message box I don't get a "done" message. I'm on webif 0.7


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I think for some reason you're falling foul of the new duplicate schedule check. I'll make some changes this evening and release an update.


Hi. I've installed the modified firmware recently and have been playing around with it for the last week and I must say I'm very impressed. I tried out the backup/restore feature today (with a channel rescan in between) and it looks like everything worked correctly, except that after doing the reboot, the favourites list is now empty. Immediately after doing the restore TBL_FAV in Channel.db is populated with data, but after doing the reboot it is empty.
Thanks for your hard work!


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Before rebooting, did you go into the EPG and set a reservation for something (anything)? It seems to be a required step - you can delete it afterwards.


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No, my mistake. The instruction does indeed say restart then save. I've never had this problem - favourites have restored correctly on the 3 or 4 occasions I have used the function.


Having re-entered all my favourites manually and then re-tried the backup/rescan/restore procdure, I can now happily report that the the favourites list was successfully restorted and currently working as it should. I'm not sure what went wrong when I originally tried it, maybe changes in the channel lineup caused a problem the first time round?