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Changes to Freesat



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4 added, 1 deleted and 1 changed

Added 516 NME TV 11642 V, 517 Bliss 11642 V, 818 Gems TV Extra 12523 V and 900 On Demand 11427 H (future freesat information service ?)

Deleted 811 Thane Direct

Confused about change I have 2 candidates 805 Gems TV 1 to Gems TV or 719 Capital 95.8 to Capital FM

Correction 811 had already gone looking for deletion


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Can anyone find a deleted channel because I can't :confused:

The deletion was 811 Thane Direct, I forgot it left the epg for a while, then rejoined a short while ago and now it's gone again. :confused:


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BBC News HD is there too, masquerading as an anonymous HD channel.

Retune Satellite channels (not Freesat)
Press OK to bring up channel list
Select HD channels

It's one of those. I used renumber to stick it on Freesat just before 101.

But where are all those other HD channels that are on Freeview???
Good to see it published here before FreeSat could update their own website, they still have the December 2013 list and no notice of any changes!
Had me confused when I tried to switch to BBC2 HD ....
Yes. All the BBC 1 HD regional variants are now available as standard in the 990 range.

Does this mean we can watch the regional news programmes in HD now? I always forget to switch when the national news has ended and get the red screen and crazy music!


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Customisable Channels added

Chan 972 - BBC ONE HD 10847 V
Chan 973 - BBC 1 Scot HD 11023 H
Chan 976 - BBC 1 Wales HD 11023 H
Chan 978 - BBC 1 NI HD 10847 V

EPG swaps

Chan 102 - BBC TWO HD 10847 V
Chan 106 - BBC THREE HD 10847 V
Chan 107 - BBC FOUR HD 11023 H
Chan 109 - BBC 2 England 10773 H
Chan 147 - BBC THREE 10817 V
Chan 148 - BBC FOUR 10773 H
Chan 200 - BBC NEWS HD 11023 H
Chan 212 - BBC NEWS 10817 V
Chan 600 - CBBC HD 10847 V
Chan 601 - CBeebies HD 11023 H
Chan 607 - CBBC Channel 10817 V
Chan 608 - CBeebies 10773 H
Great news for Freesat and Wheeler dealer fans :) .... ! Quest and Quest red ...now free to Air .....On 11426 , V ,27500, 5\6 .....can be added by manual tuning ....but should be added to the Freesat epg soon ...
Nice one Graham.... I was wondering what "gomez" ...was on about ....But great Quest is now FTA :) ... was one of my favourite channels when i had a Sky sub .. but now soon to be on freesat .....
Looking forward to Tuesday then! :) .....

BTW Graham ...thank you for your advice i read somewhere (while researching what the prob might be with the new drive ) and found a old topic about the "jumper pins" when replacing a hardrive in a old Humax 9200T ...... great stuff !! ...my Mum and dads old PVR is fully functioning again... thanks to you....I owe you a beer ! ......
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