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Not a Humax problem, but does anybody know why the EPG for Channel 70 is missing for Friday,Saturday and Sunday?

Winter Hill

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The Freeview app gives an epg, but when I look at Sunday, says it is tomorrow. It is currently Friday.

Black Hole

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Even when tuned to 70 the EPG isn't populating, and there is no programme info available for the current programme. It's a broadcaster problem, maybe Horror haven't paid their bills.

Curiously there is currently some kind of ST TNG spin-off; I'm not familiar with DS9 but it doesn't look like that. It's got Worf and O'Brien in it... and it's in 4:3!

Update: it is DS9.
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...and it's in 4:3!
(is that 4:6? 4: 3 factorial? :D)
Better than some channels (True Entertainment?) that prefer to crop the 4:3 into 16:9 (The Persuaders and The Prisoner).
I don't like the censoring and trimming that goes on to fit the programmes into 45 minutes when they should be 50, 55 or 58 minutes. I dislike it even more when large parts of the picture is missing - and what's left is plastered with graffiti (Horror/SciFiZone etc).:mad:
Is DS9 still on? I thought it was Voyager?

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This definitely wasn't Voyager (I quite fancy Kate Mulgrew!) - the USS Voyager didn't have Worf or O'Brien aboard.

The reason I commented on the 4:3 (enforced - broadcast with sidebars) is that I would have thought DS9 was made in the days of widescreen TV.


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I wasn't suggesting it was Voyager. I just didn't know DS9 was still on! It fell off my recording schedule when I did the nth retune.