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Connecting wirelessly

Discussion in 'HDR-FOX T2 Freeview Recorder' started by Julie Adams, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Julie Adams

    Julie Adams New Member

    Following the help and advice on here, I have now received my Edimax dongle and am needing some help in how to go about getting it to work!! It comes with a disc - do I have to install this on my computer first before I go about putting the dongle into the Humax? Sorry to sound dim - but this is all new to me!!! Thank you!! Julie
  2. Julie Adams

    Julie Adams New Member

    I have tried to connect wirelessly with the dongle but unfortunately it hasn't worked! All looks well at first - it picks up my wireless network name, then asks the security type (WAPS WAP etc - 4 choices - not sure which to try so I tried them all!) and I put in the right password - it then says 'connecting to wifi network' for a couple of minutes before it says 'connection failed - check your settings and try again'. The network is the correct one, the password is the correct one, the only thing I wasn't sure about was the security type - and so I repeated the exercise choosing each one, so I did it 4 times with the same result of non-connection. When I looked at my security type in the properties on my computer it says it is WPA2-Personal with an encrypton type AES. Could it be this which is preventing the connection - or am I off at a ridiculous tangent in desperation???!! Any suggestions would be much appreciated!! (with regard to my previous post about installing the disc - I have tried all the above with both the disc installed and without it - all still to no avail! - so I am now out of options!!! Many thanks - Julie
  3. neilleeds

    neilleeds Member

    I can't remember the options in the list but sometimes you need to choose WPA(2)-TKIP so give that a try if it's there. It's definitely not WEP so you can rule out any that say that. Also you sometimes need to press a button on the router or use it's web interface to "allow" devices, this depends on how it is set up.
  4. adrenalize

    adrenalize Member

    The disc would only be of use in a computer and it probably only has manuals and drivers on it - for the PC not the Humax box.

    You could double check that the Wifi dongle works with your router by plugging it into your PC. It should detect it and install drivers. If you then turn off your PC's wifi (I'm guessing it might be a laptop and usually has a switch or a blue function key on the keyboard) you should be able to connect to your Wifi router, entering your password, using the dongle.

    Most routers can be configured to only allow certain devices to connect to them. I don't know of any that are supplied by manufacturers or ISPs like this and would only have been setup by the user. If your dongle works at this point then brilliant we've checked that it works and the password is OK. If it doesn't then let us know and we'll have to try and figure out your router setup.

    I haven't used the wifi options on the Humax as I have an ethernet cable, so hopefully someone who has can advise further.
  5. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    Likewise, I use Powerline so I have not experienced the WiFi set-up. It could very well be that the router is set not to allow connection requests from new devices, that would have to be turned off while the Humax establishes a connection and then turned on again to preserve network security.
  6. Julie Adams

    Julie Adams New Member

    Thank you all for taking the time to reply!! Unfortunately I think I am now ready to raise the white flag and throw in the towel!! I have tried everything but still the internet will not connect on the Humax - despite it going through all the processes quite happily and looking like it is going to be successful!! I am wondering if it is just that the Humax is too far away from the router (its in the next room). Although having said that I have a laptop shich is quite happy to connect wirelessly wherever I use it in the house. Also have a printer connected wirelessly - hence I throw my hands up in desperation!!! I see the other option is to use homeplugs - would that be more likely to be successful? Many thanks again - Julie (female, 57, fed up, tried my best, not all that computer savvy!! Like all my school report cards - tries hard but could do better!!!!!!
  7. af123

    af123 Administrator Staff Member

    Can you talk us through exactly what you have done so far?I f it is picking up your wireless network name then it should be able to connect.

    Here's what I would try (although it might be what you have already done.):
    • Don't worry about any disk/cd that came with the dongle, it isn't needed;
    • Put the Humax into standby;
    • Turn it off using the rocker switch on the back;
    • Make sure there is nothing plugged into the Ethernet (network) port on the back;
    • Plug in the Wi-fi dongle;
    • Turn on the switch at the back;
    • Go into the Humax menu using the remote control and follow it through to Wireless setup;
    • (bit hazy here since I'm not in front of mine and I don't have wireless);
    • Select your network name;
    • Choose security type WPA-2 (if it's there) or WPA-1 or just WPA otherwise;
    • Enter your wireless key/password - if it is a standard ISP one of letters and numbers make sure you put the letters in as capitals - although trying them both ways won't hurt.
    Do you know what type of router you have? The type supplied by most ISPs is nowadays is a Thompson which has a wireless button the front. You might have to press that button until it starts flashing before trying to connect the Humax to it. It's an extra security feature although, as adrenalize has said, ISPs don't usually turn that on for you.
  8. Julie Adams

    Julie Adams New Member

    Hi af123!! Thank you for your comprehensive reply! I have already done what you suggested - a few times - but I went through the steps again. It finds the network, no problem. It then asks for the security type and gives 4 options (all the WEP ones are greyed out anyway) - the options are WPA-PSK(KTIP), WPA-PSK(AES), WPA2-PSK(KTIP+AES) and WPA2-PSK(AES). I have tried all 4 before but this time I tried the WPA2-PSK(KTIP+AES) again. Then put in the password and up comes the moving circle saying CONNECTING TO WIFI NETWORK - and after a minute or so it says CONNECTION FAILED - PLEASE CHECK YOUR SETTINGS AND TRY AGAIN. The router I have is a Talktalk D Link router (DSL2680)and the password is the same as the network name - because I didn't change it as I would probably have forgotten what I changed it to!! (I'm that age!!) So all the information I put in is right - and it all looks good to go - and then it won't connect!! There isn't a button on the front but there was one on the side, so I pressed that and it did flash on the front - but that didn't make any difference either - it just seems that I am so near - and yet so far!!! Julie
  9. framedtoo

    framedtoo Member

    if you dont get it working try homeplugs easy to set up (just plug them in) and faster transfers for most people
  10. adrenalize

    adrenalize Member

    I don't think pressing the button on your router will work with the Humax box but you need to set up the Humax manually exactly as you've been trying.

    As the Humax probably doesn't give the best error messages to try and work out what is not working have you tried plugging the dongle into your laptop and tried turning off your laptop's wireless and connecting? Do you enter your wifi password into your laptop each time? I'm guessing not as most computers like to remeber these things - but plugging in the dongle might make it ask for it & will just confirm the correct password.

    Have you connected anything else to your router via wireless (other than laptop and printer)? Did they connect OK with the same password? Have you had the router long and anyone helped set it up?

    The Talktalk routers (I think my parent's have the same one) you have I think usually come with the network name and password on a sticker on the top. If not it is easy to check - we can talk you through that bit. My only other thoughts are 2 things on the router setup which we can look at but are a bit more complicated. (For other techhies Julie cover your eyes! - the MAC filtering and the wireless security - as these APs can do multimode i.e WPA and WPA2 which the Humax might not like).
  11. af123

    af123 Administrator Staff Member

    On the Thompson routers which have been configured with MAC filtering, the button temporarily enables new stations to join the network and they are then added to the MAC list. Thought it was worth a try!
  12. Julie Adams

    Julie Adams New Member

    I am so grateful to you guys for trying to help me out here!! The network was set up quite recently when I got a new computer and I set it up with the Talktalk router. You are right in that the network name and password are on a sticker on the top - and these are the ones I used to set it all up. I didn't have a problem connecting either the printer or the laptop wirelessly. I wondered if I may have had another 'senior moment' and changed the password (!) but I remember thinking how easy it would be to remember because it is on a sticker!! Even so - I went into my computer's wireless network properties and it says that the Security type is WPA2-Personal, the encrypton type is AES and also the network security key with was a random set of 8 letters which I have never seen before!! So - I thought - worth a try - so back to Humax - back to setting up WIFI only this time I put the random set of those 8 letters in - and guess what - that didn't work either!!

    As for the suggestion about plugging in the dongle into the laptop and turning off the laptop's wireless and connecting - that one has gone right over my head!!! I feel a flush coming on!!!

    I note that the alternative is to go for the homeplugs - but I was hoping to resolve this as it would be more expense - which is rather annoying and frustrating - to be left with a redundant dongle!!!! Ahhhh - this all seemed so easy when I was reading through the threads about how to connect wirelessly - I should have known that life just ain't that easy!!!!! Julie
  13. adrenalize

    adrenalize Member

    Ooh so close. Are you still looking to try and get the dongle working?
  14. Tim.C

    Tim.C Member

    Don't give up - wireless is easy...........eventually ;)

    For general info (you don't need to know this, but hey...)

    WEP is now old, but yes the Hummy will do this (mine is set up with WEP - long story)

    WPA has a few versions.

    WPA uses TKIP
    WPA does both TKIP and AES

    These are authentication protocols - you just need to chose the same one as your router if it doesn't select it automatically.

    PSK = Pre Shared Key ie the pass code you use

    If it is PERSONAL then it is using PSK - this is the one for home (ie personal) use
    If it is ENTERPRISE then it is using certificates - complicated and for business (ie enterprise) use.

    Best for home use nowadays is WPA2-Personal......which is WPA2 with AES and PSK.

    Is your head spinning yet :)
  15. Julie Adams

    Julie Adams New Member

    Thank you for your information - and enouragement!! After three frustating days - I reached total euphoria last night when it finally connected to the internet!!!!!!!!! And the reason why it wasn't??? Well it was down to me having not put a little dash sign into the password when I set it up wirelessly a couple of months ago!! So I tried again without the little dash sign - and it connected!! But I have learned so much more from your replies about the system in general - all to the good. So whilst still nowhere near being proficient, my knowledge has expanded a little!! All I can say is a big thank you for taking the time to have this site working - I couldn't have done it without you! I will keep looking at this site in the future too because whilst a lot of it still goes over my head there is so much more I can learn!!! So many thanks again for your help, suggestions and time!! Julie
  16. abraham

    abraham New Member

    Hello, I successfully fixed up the Edimax EW-7711USn dongle, had to go through a few authentication protocols but the Humax decided on the WPA2 - PSK (AES). Only problem is that it forgets every time I switch it off (through the remote) and I have to authenticate every day; which is obviously a pain. I'm hitting the apply button but a bit lost on this one, any thoughts?
  17. af123

    af123 Administrator Staff Member

    That's a known problem/feature if you hide your SSID (well, don't actively broadcast it at least). Consider changing that setting on your router/access point.

    Alternatively install the custom firmware then the wireless-helper package and that should also solve it.
  18. abraham

    abraham New Member

    Thanks, my Wii doesn't have the same problem so I'll go with the 'custom firmware and wireless-helper package', I think, what is the best thread for that please?
  19. af123

    af123 Administrator Staff Member

    I'd start at http://wiki.hummy.tv/ and follow the links for installing custom firmware. Once it's installed, additional packages like wireless helper can be installed through the web interface. If you encounter problems, start a new thread.
  20. abraham

    abraham New Member

    thanks, I'll be back tomorrow!