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Couple of issues

1: I have two T2's and after having a problem with one, I set both to record Classic Corrie on both, but neither recorded the two programs this morning. "Program appears not to have been broadcast". Is this some problem at the broadcaster?

Edit: Forget this, I suddenly thought I better do a check and as I thought/hoped, I see I need to do a retune. I'm only human.

2: I wanted to record a program, whilst sat at my PC, on BBC 2 on Friday. The EPG for BBC 2 did not appear after today and I had to refresh a few times before it did. Is this a problem with the fact I'm watching BBC 2 Wales?
If what you wanted was to set a recording from BBC2 but you were watching BBC2 Wales, the answer is yes.
I only get BBC2 Wales. The program I wanted to record was The City And The City, which is on on at 9.00 PM Friday. I may have been watching a non regional channel. Never thought of that. Looks like you've cracked it. I'll do another check.