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Hi everyone,

I'm really enjoying my Humax HDR in Ireland, I'm close enough to the boarder that I can get freeview from Divis and Saorview (Ireland's new digital TV). Both work on the device very well with the epg displaying for both service (however you have to be on the saorview channels to view the irish epg and the same for freeview.... i'm guessing the custom firmware can't change this?) It really isn't that much of an inconvenience given that we have all the channels on one box. Also Saorview hasn't gotten series link yet but it's meant to be coming.

The hummypkg remote scheduling and web interface are great for freeview channels but doesn't display the epg for saorview channels as expected. The nearest I get is using the remote scheduling it shows up RTE one and 3e channels (see image 1) but no information is available. Is it possible for a package to be added for people in Ireland so that we could use this feature for Saorview epg and be able to record channels? This would be fantastic but I know that it's a big ask just wondering if it was possible. :)

I've attached the signal channels that I pick up from Ireland. (image 2) it seems to have problems with the "É" on RTÉ could this be fixed and the icons be added ;)

I appreciate that this would only help a small percentage but I though I'd ask if any of this is possible.

Thanks for your time and a great job with the custom firmware :)
Looks like the Irish epg does load on the web interface (image 3) but the humax needs to be on saorview channel for it to work, is there anyway to combine the two ? something like forcing the box to switch on to irish channel and then to bbc so that the the 7 days are downloaded from both.... just thinking out loud :)


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Hi pyroboy,

I have the same issue as yourself in that I can pick up the FreeView from NI and SaorView from Ireland here but the EPG doesn't load up for both.

Did you ever come across a solution for this?

The evidence from reported observation is that is exactly what happens in all circumstances, but of course switching between multiplexes within one region just loads up an EPG containing the same data.
Good point, the problem is multiple regions then..

The funny thing is that I have a PCTV 290e T2 stick connected to my Vu Duo and the EPG data loads and remains in memory for both regions. I know it is a totally different setup but it proves that it is possible I suppose.
Not exactly multiple regions, but also multiple countries ;)

I'm facing the same problem down here in Austria. As long as I stay on a mux from Austria (4 different to select) the EPG data is stored, regardless which channel is selected.
Switching to an mux/channel from Germany or Switzerland deletes the previous cached EPG data and the EPG is newly cached.


I'm thinking of getting this machine for Saorview and Freeview recording. I wonder if it can schedule record from the EPG from both systems at the same time.
E.g. if today you set to record 2 programs tomorrow via the EPG from RTE 1 at 8pm and from BBC 1 for 8.30 pm will it record both programs ? I know the Sony HD Pvr will not record the 2nd program because it is set to Saorview and therefore doesn't see the Freeview schedule.
I'm guessing the underlying problem here is that all the Freeview muxes carry all the EPG data for each other, and likewise Saorview (or any other country's DTT service), but the box can only old one 'set' of EPG data at a time, so when you hop from one service to another, what you'd cached from the previously selected service would get overwritten. A real shame if that's the case. I don't know if it's the same with free-to-air European satellite channels, can anyone comment? Do they have an EPG?
My Panasonic TV remembers and keeps both EPGs so it is possible. I can scroll seemlessly from Saorview to Freeview.

With the Humax, I'm wondering whether even though it loses the Freeview EPG when a Saorview station is selected, does it still remember to do the scheduled recording from Freeview ? And would it make any difference if the recording was set manually via the timer function rather than selecting it off the EPG ?
This might not be what you want to hear, but I suggest you buy two HD-FOXs instead of one HDR-FOX, equip them with USB hard drives, and then have one tuned to Soarview and the other to Freeview. Two HDR-FOXs would be even better of course, but the budget might not stretch...
I expect each MUX is broadcasting ALL the EPG info for all the Muxes in that group/country. Switching from one group of Muxes to the other will reset the EPG as it will start loading the EPG data for all the Muxes in the new group. Also you will get channel 1 in Group 1 and then when you switch to Group 2, get channel 1 for the new group which will be different. The Humax would need to have separate areas for each group to hold the EPG data. I doubt it has that.
Because I don't record on my HD-FOX, I have it tuned to two regions. If I am viewing BBC1 Wales, the EPG entries for West region are blank and only populate when I change channel to West region. Similar happens on my TV's EPG.

What happens with the HDR-FOX, being as it has two tuners and the possibility of receiving data from two regions simultaneously, I am not sure but I could test it. The evidence from the HD-FOX suggests that if both tuners are active on one region the EPG will only retain the data for that region, but I can't predict how a conflict between the two tuners will be resolved.

Another question in my mind is how the EPG knows the data being received for the service on LCN1 (say) is not the correct data for the service tuned at LCN1 (so that the EPG is blank). There have to be unseen identifiers allocated to each service that are unique right down to region, so that the box knows that even non-regional services (eg ITV4) being received on West are not the same as when received from Wales.

I will try a few things and report back.
Anybody know how to force the EPG to flush? I have a recording running on West and am viewing Wales, and have a fully populated EPG - but I don't know whether the West data is live or has been retained from when I set the recording.
Well, that didn't get very far. I have now restored a "clean" tuning, but what I have seen is that (on an HDR-FOX) I can retain the EPG from one UK region while receiving a service from another UK region - ie the cache is not flushed, unlike the observation for multiple countries in post #7.

To get any further I need a way to wipe the EPG at will, but the window of opportunity is closing soon. Some kind of diagnostic script?
Any update for us? Any changes since the switchover? The Hummy looks like a great bit of kit. I already have had 2 9300s and one 9200. Now looking to get the HDR - FOX T2 if it can record from Saorview and Freeview at the same time and maintain both EPGs. I am based in Donegal so can get both signals fine.
Not as yet anyway!

I contacted Humax and they said it was the first they had heard of it and they would pass it on to the IT department. This was about 3 months ago and not a word back, so far anyway..

It is a big flaw for me anyway as I don't use the guide as much as I should. I noticed though if you manually set timers they don't become corrupt which might help some people!
All I can suggest is ordering one mail order and trying it. The distance selling regulations (in the UK anyway) mean you can reject an item for any reason at all, although you will be liable for postage (and you will have to return the item in perfect condition).
This EPG fault still an issue?I never heard anything back from Humax although I'm not overly surprised..

I have the HDR in the press this few months as the EPG was anoying me, kept getting failed recordings..
Yes I have the same problem with the EPGs for both freeview and Saorview. The only way I found to avoid missed recordings is set the recording manually, a bit of a pain but works thus far.