Digital radio info missing


I've noticed over the last week or so that the scrolling info display on BBC R3 and BBC R4 has stopped - R3 now simply says "Arts" and R4 says "Talk".

I'm assuming this is general and not just another fault in my Roberts radio. The cynic in me thinks that as it also means the current broadcast bit-rate is no longer shown then presumably the rates have been further reduced.

Anyone else noticed?
Just those stations or all stations? If it is all stations then you may have changed the display setting on your radio.
I don't usually select the scrolling programme info, but I just tried it on my John Lewis radio alarm clock and confirm the text is still present (Menu >> Info Display >> Scrolling text). If instead I select "Programme type" I get "Talk" on Radio 4. In conclusion I agree with the diagnosis in post 2.
I suspect the display has been changed, the Pure Evoke Flow shows 'Talk' and bit rate for Display >> Broadcast info. and scrolling text for Display >> Scrolling Text when on DAB
BBC Radio 4 = 128Kbps and BBC Radio 3 = 160Kbps compared to BBC Radio 4Extra = 80Kbps Mono
Indeed, you're all correct! It seems the Roberts sometimes loses it's settings, and in the same way I had lost all memory of there being different settings. Restored now.

Gomezz - what do you mean "all stations"? Are there others? Why?
Not too keen on Roberts DAB. My MIL has a Roberts DAB and even though it is supposed to auto set the BST/GMT time changes it doesn't, You have to power cycle it for it to work.

I have a cople of Pure's and they work fine.
I have a cople of Pure's and they work fine.
I am all Pure except for the bedroom Roberts which is not as good in my view. May kick that downstairs to takes its chances in the harsh environment of the kitchen if I can find a good model more suited to the bedroom but which can still feed the upstairs stereo.
I have an ample supply of FM radios throughout the house ( including the attic ) and would not bother with DAB but the Roberts was a present. It gets garden use but that's all. Internal charger doesn't work, wall plug causes interference which crashes Homeplug network, battery connections so flimsy it keeps cutting out and sound very boxy unless turned up loud ( then batteries die in about 2 hours ). So not an unqualified recommendation.
I'll stick with FM until the option is withdrawn.
R4 Extra gets an occasional listen - eg when I forget some of the lines from Round the Horne.
I can see no good reason for ditching FM - we just need to make sure our politicians are aware of that.
They don't - or at least the civil servants behind all the decisions don't. All we can do is either get into politics and change the system, or make our MPs aware of true public opinion (instead of rigged surveys) and cross our fingers.
I had a running battle with Pure (Tempus 2?) about the inaccurate clock on one of their radios. I like to wake at 6am to the news headlines, not at 6.03 to "other news." It seemed to me that a radio with FM and DAB should have been able to get an accurate clock signal, but no! Power it off at the mains and on again and it fetched the correct time, but left to its own devices it was minutes adrift.

After struggling with a replacement (Tempus Flow?) which did get the correct time, but occasionally failed to wake us at all(!), I now use a small TV as our alarm clock. That also has the advantage of the "alarm" period not being set at just 1 hour, and 3 alarms, but the disadvantage that a power cycle turns all the alarms off!
I can recommend the John Lewis.

We like the radio to come on from 6--9 weekdays and 7--9 weekends, with an extra alarm for the odd travel wakeup. I don't know any radios that can do that.

(Actually 5.58am weekdays, as we enjoy those Radio 4 tweets!)
The John Lewis I have has 4 alarm timers, each can be set to weekday, weekend, Saturday, Sunday, or once only. The alarm function can be tone, DAB, or FM, and each alarm can be turned on or off individually. Good enough?

The compromise of 4 × 1 hour alarms is not good. There is usually a blip at the end times where there is a change from one to another. Why the alarm time is not configurable I do not know.

Anyway, I would not buy Pure again, and certainly not from Australia! The TV solution works well. I can recommend it. You can set the beginning and end times of each on/off cycle, volume, channel, and which days you want to set for each. You also get all the TV channels, and many of the DAB ones, but not Classic FM.
The opinion seems to be that Roberts are not good, so what else is there?

Not sure why you want an alarm to run more than an hour (mine only runs until I hit the off button), but that's your business.
The opinion seems to be that Roberts are not good, so what else is there?

Not sure why you want an alarm to run more than an hour (mine only runs until I hit the off button), but that's your business.

6--7: listen to news and think about getting up.

7--8: get up, wash, return to bedroom, radio still on

8--9: after breakfast, return to bedroom for final preparations for leaving (for better half, that is about 30 minutes!)

Radio turns itself off at 9am.

What else is there? TVs of course! The alarm functions are far superior.