Disappearing Firmware?

My custom firmware seems to have vanished. I cannot open the web interface in a browser. The TV portal also seems to have reverted to the standard Humax portal. I have tried restarting the Humax and it doesn't mention the Custom firmware on the front panel when booting up. Any advice gratefully received.


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Your box will have received the 1.03.12 OAD on Thursday morning, you can get your CF functionality back by installing the new 1.03.12 CF 2.22 version.

Ezra Pound

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Humax sent a new Over The Air software update a few days ago, it sounds like it has over-written your Custom Firmware, If you want to install the Custom Firmware version of the new software (1.03.12_m0d_2.22) download it from HERE

Black Hole

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Different people have different objectives and priorities. I perceive seven levels:

0. Developer: Of course the pre-release stuff is installed!
1. Bleeding Edge: Install as soon as it is released or pre-released, regardless of potential flaws (beta testers).
2. On the Curve: Install once there is no immediate sign of problems from beta tester chatter.
3. Watchful: Monitor, and install when and if features affect personal use.
4. Managed Neglect: When a problem occurs, check the release notes for a solution.
5. Head in the Sand: When a problem occurs, post on the forum instead of checking release notes.
6. Conformophobe: Regards it as beneath them to use the hummy.tv forum for anything, despite wanting the benefits of the HD-FOX / HDR-FOX custom firmware.
In this case, for "instead of checking release notes" read "instead of checking current forum traffic".