Does the Twonky server still work on a Foxsat twin recording box, will I get Catchup on the main box ?


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HI all,
please be patient with me as I am new to this forum and topic.
I Live in France and currently have 2 Humax 1100S Freesat boxes. Both of these have catcup on demand and work well with a smartDns solution. I would like to switch to a single box for all recordings and access them both from the main box and via a media share for the recorded programs. This would simplifiy mulyiple recording of the same programs to view in different rooms.

If I buy a sceondhand Foxsat recorded and load the twonky server on it will this work as i am sugesting.

Does the new firmware include catchup applications for the main Foxsat box.

Will I be able to view the recorded content on android boxes running somthing like Kodi ?

Will be able to view the recorded content via the meda share section on the current Humax boxes ?

Can I view live content via Kodi etc via the Twonky server.

Are there any videos showing the system running and streaming on different devices

Is the firmware still being develpoed / supported and updated.

What is the best model of Foxsat box to look out for.

Sorry if these are answered somewhere else but I have just started looking at alternatives to the current setup. I used to run Mythtv which worked well but was a little flaky around the edges, fine for me but failed the wife test :)

Thanks in advance


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The first thing to note is that this is not that main support forum for Foxsat custom firmware - the main support forum is avforums, with links to relevant content here:

The second thing is: don't the 1100S's have a DLNA media share option as standard?

As for the rest: you need to understand a bit about what you're getting into. Custom firmware simply provides a means to side-load other executables to HDD. The CF itself doesn't have to be under active development for it to support new side-loaded packages. What you get by installing CF (as a firmware update) is the ability to then go on and add facilities through a web browser interface, controlled by the web browser interface. Full documentation is available through the web browser interface (once installed).

Mediatomb was (I think) the first package available for media sharing.

Another point worth mentioning is that the Foxsat is very low powered compared with our HDR-FOX customised terrestrial STBs, but is the only option if you want to go customised on a satellite STB.


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HI guys,
firstly thankyou for taking the time to reply, -Black Hole should I move the this to the link you suggested ? As Martin states the 1100s does have a DLNA client so i can view media from a server on my network ( Iactually have a hard drive with some backed up content that I can view via the client, but no server option.

Thanks again for your input


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You can stream HD recordings recorded without encryption using the twonky media server on a Foxsat-HDR to a G2 Freesat box. The picture actually looks better that way as the Foxsast-HDR VP produces a slightly soft picture. However you need Raydons Convertfiles package to change the PAT table to give precedence to the main audio track. Without this the Audio described track is played and there is no way on the g2 box to switch to the main audio track. If you have the files on a PC you can easily use TSMuxer GUI to remove the Audio description and remux or use AVIdemux to select the correct track and remux without the AD track.