Useful Links for the Foxsat-HDR Customised Firmware


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The links are named the same as the AVForums threads, so any confusion is down to that.:)

That's what I meant, the thread titles are confusing.

Only Part 4 needs a link, as it contains links and instructions for 4.1.1 at its top. It also has a chain of links back to the other parts 3, 2, 1.


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While you're at it, the latest version is 4.1.3 and the linked D/L says 4.1.2
From the other site

Latest update is v4.1.3 and is available for download from HERE


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Would not a link to page 1 of part 5 of the thread on the other site be safer for when raydon updates rather than a direct duplicate (and possibly wrong:hug: ) link here? Ah, I see there is one, but our link doesn't specify that the latest firmware is linked to from there. It should stay valid for quite a while as they are only up to post #448/1000 before part 6 is started. ;=)

PS. You could also remove the live and incorrect links from post #7

PPS the web I/F is now up to 2.8.0 HERE
Hi folks, (who are now it seems)- the location which the custom firmware is located, seems to be flakey/down. Anyone have a mirror or copy of the Foxsat HDR Custom Firmware v4.1.3 they are willing to upload somewhere else?