DTR-T2100 Standby issue


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Hi guys, would very much appreciate some help with this one.

I bought this box from ebay, and have been setting it up today. I am trying to get it to go into standby on the eco mode (finally found out that since the firmware update it is now known as 'energy saving' mode) This means that the light on the front should be red, and the disk spins down. However, despite selecting this mode in settings, the unit still goes into standby on SMART mode, meaning that the light colour is purple and the disk is constantly spinning. Why will it not take heed of my desired selection? Any ideas?


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How long are you waiting after putting it into standby? It goes into semi-standby for a few minutes (Purple light) before going into full standby (Red light). Useful when you accidently put it into standby.