Duplicate recordings


I think I know the answer to this already, but no harm in asking! I use the RS package to schedule many of my recordings, and on occasion, it will pick duplicates. For example, this morning I had a conflict warning for Columbo, because it had picked up ITV, ITVHD and ITV+1. I believe the CRID (?) is used to detect these, and I assume that the TV channel is using different ones in all cases. The same often happens with BBC1 and BBC1HD.

This must be a common problem for people using the autoschedule feature of RS, so what do others do? Unfortunately, I can't confine the keyword to one channel, as, for example, Columbo pops up on 3 channels that I know of!

At the moment, I usually ignore it unless it impacts on another recording. If I were to cancel some recordings when I first find out, would RS then pick them up again the next day?

Hope that waffle makes sense!



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Better still, instead of auto schedule use auto email and then only record by clicking on the links you want in the emails.


I do for a few things, but I have up to 5 auto matches per day, and the primary advantage of the feature is that its fully automated!