EPG time year 2034


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Hi there,
For my mother in law i have got her a Humax FoxSat Freesat HDR. Now this problem is going on from the beginning.
When i want to schedule a timer through the EPG and i do this hours (at least 10 hours) in advance, the program wil never record. When i look at the schedule it says it is gonna record on 19 jan 2034 at 3.14 am. It doesn't matter wich program of channel i use. It is always the same time and date. The firmware is v7.54. I did call the humax support and they sayed to do a default reset which i did and it worked for 2 days then the problem came back. Next time i called they sayed the same thing. Not getting any help there. The Humax is not connected to the internet cause she doesn't have none.

Does anyone got this problem before and is there anything to do about it? I want to teach the old lady to record with EPG but it must really record the program.


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My guess it is a failure of the non-volatile ROM used to store the current date and time. I suggest you get the store to swap it for another one.