Error Codes?

Hi, Could someone point me to a list of possible error codes please (searched but can't seem to find them)

I've got a 500Gb box, running 1.02.20, without any customised firmware (yet).

This morning I came down about 6:30ish and found the box on (blue ring) displaying an error message. I think it simply said "E05" - or something like that. Before I could look closely, it had returned to standby.

I switched the box off last night (touched front standby pad) while recording. I've had another 1Tb box for just over two years and never seen a message like this before.

In case I get this or any other similar message in the future, I just wondered where they might be documented.



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It has been on air since 10 am yesterday, so your box will have tried to download it during this mornings 4:30 am wake up period.


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You could try the manual update process to see if that will work for you, or you could update via USB flash drive.


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If you've got an external HDD plugged in, unplug it and reboot.
Mine did this a couple of months ago for no apparent reason. Ended up reformatting the external HDD.