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Factory Reset doesn't initialise Portal

Discussion in 'HDR-FOX T2 Freeview Recorder' started by Richard Russell, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. The Factory Reset option is supposed to restore the machine to its 'as new' condition, but the TV Portal does not seem to be initialised. In particular, the 'privacy question' is not asked again:

    "When the TV Portal is accessed for the very first time, the user (‘First User’) will be asked to accept or reject the use of log files on the STB".

    This could be important if the Factory Reset option is used when the machine is passed to a new user, because he could end up having his usage logged without ever having given permission.

    I suspect other aspects of the TV Portal may not be reset either, as I'm still having problems with iPlayer that I didn't have on first use.
  2. framedtoo

    framedtoo Member

    what problems?
  3. gomezz

    gomezz Well-Known Member

    What is logged that is so important to keep private? And if still worried about it then do a hard disk reformat before passing the machine on to a new user.
  4. Firstly, reformatting the hard disk makes no difference at all (we are talking about the logging of future usage, not past usage). It is the privacy of the new user that is threatened, not the old one!

    Secondly, it is not for me or you to judge the importance of privacy. Clearly Humax feel that it is important to seek the user's permission before logging usage data; that is why the choice is presented on first use. If it is important then, it is equally important when the machine is first used by a new user.

    It seems likely that, in implementing the TV Portal, Humax have forgotten to modify the Factory Reset procedure to clear the user's choice of whether or not to allow usage logging. It is important that this be fixed in a future firmware upgrade, which is why I reported it here (in the hope that somebody from Humax reads this forum). There might even be legal ramifications if not.
  5. The main problem is that when I have selected the program I want to watch and press PLAY, the display freezes for upwards of 10 seconds (and sometimes a lot more) - the 'spinner' stops moving and the 'trackbar' across the bottom is partially drawn. It does this every time I select the iPlayer PLAY symbol.

    I'm pretty sure this didn't happen when I first used iPlayer via the Portal, so I want to try to reset it to that condition.
  6. gomezz

    gomezz Well-Known Member

    I was merely curious. And if we don't know what is being logged how can we make an informed decision as to whether to allow it or not? And what is its purpose?
  7. This is what Humax say (sorry for the rather long post):


    Please be aware that information may be collected automatically during use of the TV Portal on the Humax Set Top Box (‘STB’). This Privacy Policy explains how we, Humax Co., LTD, and any member of the Humax group of companies (“Humax”) may collect, store and use such information.

    Log Files

    Information may be collected using ‘log files’. Log files are small files placed on our server when a user logs onto and uses the TV Portal. These are not used to collect name, contact details, or any other information which personally identifies the subscriber/ users, nor is the information linked to them.

    What information is collected?
    • MAC address - the unique number which identifies that the STB can connect to the internet.
    • IP address - the unique number which identifies the STB at the moment of connection and its location on the internet.
    • STB software update status.
    • We collect the number of times a specific service has been accessed through the TV Portal for example, Internet Radio Service and YouTube. We do not track how that service is used, for example what particular radio station, or which YouTube features were used or for how long.
    How Are Log Files Used?

    Information from log files is used to measure demand for particular TV Portal services to help us decide:
    • how access to these services can be delivered and improved
    • whether they might be suitable to deliver certain advertisements and promotions or content
    • whether we incur charges with the service provider when their service is accessed.
    Consenting to Log Files - First Use

    We will not use log files without prior agreement. When the TV Portal is accessed for the very first time, the user (‘First User’) will be asked to accept or reject the use of log files on the STB. By pressing ‘Yes’ the First User is confirming on their own and on each subsequent user’s behalf, that he/she is over 16 years old, has read and accepts this Privacy Policy, and is authorised to set and change the privacy preference for and on behalf of any STB user.

    Consenting to Log Files - Subsequent Uses

    Users can check and change the privacy preference any time they log onto the TV Portal, by pressing the Blue Privacy Policy key on the initial page and following the instructions. A red ‘User Agreement’ key on the Privacy Policy window shows it has been accepted. Pressing ‘No’ may mean that certain TV Portal services, such as Internet Radio Service and YouTube, will not be available.
  8. parish

    parish Member

    Ah, so the consent is recorded on Humax's servers against the MAC address which will be why even reformatting the disk doesn't clear it. I do agree however that resetting to factory defaults - or a re-format - should set a flag that tells the server that it should ask for consent again.

    Even though they claim that there is no personally identifiable info stored, they log the IP address and we've all read about the likes of CS:Law(?) sending extortion letters to people falsely accusing them of downloading copyright material (and/or porn) based purely on the IP address.
  9. gomezz

    gomezz Well-Known Member