Failing tuner?


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My feeling is that those 'three boomers' are more spin than performance and mainly designed to look impressive.
Yeah, ATV say "anyone who knows about aerials knows Tri Booms are not made to work, they`re made to sell"

Is tricky to recommend something specific but one of the 'wideband' jobs from here would be my choice:
ATV aerial shop
DY14WB, Yagi18k and Grid are fairly high gain. DM Log periodic is less powerful. If size is a problem the Grid might be worth a punt, though if it has to face along a wall you'd need a fairly long bracket.
Just remind me (save me wading through 8 pages) is your TV OK? Have you got access to the communal aerial? If so, does that give the same as your new aerial?
Yes, TV is ok, including BBC News HD. I haven't got access to the roof aerial, but results are the same for both (with roof aerials current alignment) I summarised everything in post 108:

I had another problem with the box last night. The menus lost their background and became almost unreadable. I started playing a recording, but then couldn't change volume, rewind, stop it etc. Had to switch box off at the back to reboot. In another thread just before christmas I mentioned that all recording were failing (fixed by a factory reset). Maybe its worth trying a new box?