Foxsat HDR audio O/P


The Dumb One
Is the Foxsat S/PDIF O/P co-ax or optical?
I have a Sony TV that has awful sound. To overcome this I run an audio o/p from the Sony to a cheapie (and I mean cheapie) 2.1 PC amp which improves it no end. I was toying with the idea of buying one of these (but not neccessarily from Laskeys) to run the TV (via RCA) and the Hummy by spdif. The spdif i/p to the amp is optical, hence my question and will I get 5.1 from the Hummy? I think only from HD?
The Foxsat HDR is optical and you should get DD5.1 from it through the amp. But note that relatively few programmes still are broadcast with a DD5.1 soundtrack so take this into account when checking that it is working as it should.
Hi gomez. Thanks for the info. Although nice, I'm not so much interested in 5.1, but more interested in replacing my now humming audio 'solution' with something a bit better to get better stereo, but point taken about checking if it's working.
Occasionally you may hear a DD2.0 audio being broadcast which is flagged as DD5.1. But this will sound really odd until and unless you force your amp to process it as Dolby Pro Logic to extract the embedded, matrix surround sound.

Actually my ancient Denon AV amp can also treat a true stereo source as five channel stereo which can be useful for listening to music programmes especially things like the older historical rock stuff from BBC4 as it gives a more open, clearer sound than it does when treated as DPL.
Thanks for the info glt. If I decide to go that way, I'll be aware of where I can get the TC