Foxsat HDR keeps rebooting


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I have had my Foxsat HDR for 2.5 yrs completely trouble free until about a month ago. At first it just started rebooting while using the EPG but now it reboots while we are watching TV. At its worst it will reset itself every few minutes. Usually the picture freezes while the sound continues and then the box will turn off and back on again.This makes for very frustrating viewing!
I have also had issues with certain recorded items not deleting due to "file restrictions" although none were set. These were eventually removed by reformatting the HDD.
I have tried several factory resets, reformatting the HDD 2 times by choice and 3 times by on screen prompting and 2 software updates. My only option left is to replace the HDD but I don't want to spend money on a lost cause.
At the moment I have a completely clear HDD and the system seems a little more stable but it hasn't stopped the rebooting issue, it just seems to come and go a bit more. The box also seems to freeze if left on standby overnight, requiring a hard shut down (switching it off at the back) in order to turn it on the next day.

Does anyone have any ideas what is going on or had a similar issue?

Disconnect the HDD to see if this cures it. It's commonly caused by the sectors of the HDD that contains the time shift buffer file 0.ts being faulty , when the viewed tuner gets to the duff sectors the box reboots. As you may guess this part of the disc gets quite a thrashing. If you have the custom firmware installed then renaming 0.ts to force the box to re-create the file using different sectors may produce a temporary cure.
The saga continues .... I fitted a new 1TB Western Digital HDD this weekend. All seemed good - drive formatted, Humax stayed on all day without rebooting. I even recorded and watched the whole of the Triathlon World Championships without an issue. Have come home tonight however to find the Humax saying "BOOT" and when I turned it on it requested to format the HDD. Having pressed ok, it then told me that there were no channels currently available. Signal strength was 85% and Quality was 30% which was very odd as only a couple of days previously it was 100% and 90% respectively. Having a small amount of IT knowledge I thought I would try the "fix all" method rather than doing a retune. I turned it off, turned it back on again and suddenly all the channels are back without any problems. The Signal strength and Quality are still at 85% and 30% though which is puzzling.

Does anyone have any ideas what may be going on with my box or is it possible that I am fighting more than one issue here? If I am now facing a signal quality problem, why would the Humax want to reformat the HDD?
Did you ever fix it? My box has just started doing the same. Had it since last 2009. Just installed a new hard drive hoping that would fix it. But it will keeps on rebooting. It's running Custom Firmware v4.1.1 .
No, nothing I tried fixed the issue so I ended up buying a new Humax just before Christmas. It had got to the point where even with the new HDD fitted it was rebooting regularly and also requesting to reformat the HDD regularly. Very frustrating. Let's just hope that the new one last longer than 2.5yrs.
Think I am going to also have to give up with my one. Just removed the hard drive. So I can still watch stuff using it. Till I get around to getting a new one.