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Foxsat HDR sound problem

Discussion in 'FOXSAT-HDR Freesat Recorder' started by nibber, May 1, 2012.

  1. nibber

    nibber New Member

    I have just installed a new Foxsat HDR 1tb receiver. Set it all up using a Thor Hdmi 4 way switch unit connected to a 2year Panasonic tx 42 viera(freesat enabled) plasma on initial installation found. I had a green screen in wizard mode and vey poor picture quality,found the included HDMI was knackered so changed it however have picture but no sound have swapped hdmi leads to no avail still no sound ,connected via scart all ok,connect to a samsung tv via hdmi works fine ,connect directly to hdmi 3 connection on front of tv works fine however will not give picture or sound on either hdmi ports 1&2 on panasonic tv ,going to rest in a dark room now with a beer!
    Note the Thor 4 way hdmi switcher works faultlessly on every other piece of kit i connect to it ps3,xbox360,pioneer dvd player,panasonic dmrex recorder,and new Humax HDR Fox T2 i have also just purchased(found the conflicting remote control issue whilst googling which bought me here btw!)
    Any ideas? :(
  2. gomezz

    gomezz Well-Known Member

    I have my Foxsat HDR connected to my Samsung TV via a Thor switch which works fine although this is a combined HDMI/Optical Audio switch with the optical audio connection being fed to my Denon AV amp. But the sound from the HDMI connection via switch to the TV also works as I often use this to feed to my wireless headphones when I go for a coffee / loo break in between races for example.

    One thing to try is to use a port on the switch which you know to work with one of your other devices or use that working device on the port you have been trying to use with the Foxsat.

    One other thought is that if the Foxsat was installed just today (actually yesterday as I type) then it will not yet have done its overnight housekeeping one of whose functions is to install the latest available firmware. So if your box had an old firmware out of the box then I seem to recall some audio handling issues which have since been fixed (can Graham T. back up my memory on this one please?).
  3. nibber

    nibber New Member

    I installed the latest firmware which the install wizard found on the initial first install.i too have the Thor 4 way Hdmi/optical switcher,i have tried all other ports on the Thor switchbox all of which work with every other piece of kit i try it with bar the Foxsat!.I think my Panasonic tv just does not like my new Foxsat,had a similar issue with a Pioneer plasma that would work with an xbox 360 and pioneer dvd player but would not work with a PS3 and a Humax HDCI2000 sat receiver connected via Hdmi,may have something to do with the HDMI "handshake" ?
  4. grahamlthompson

    grahamlthompson Well-Known Member

    The only changes I am aware of is

    Removal of the volume control capabilty for lpcm output on the s/pdif output

    Some attempt to equalise volume levels between ac3 and mp2 sources

    the capability to downmix ac3 audio from the HD channels to lpcm stereo.

    I don't think that any are related to the OP's problem. The prescence of Video but no audio in 1 combination would appear to rule out hdcp handshaking problems at least for that connection.

    For this combination at least it might be just a case of turning up the hdr volume using it's remote control.
  5. nibber

    nibber New Member

    I have disconnected my Panasonic Blu Ray player from HDMI port 2 on my Panasonic TV and directly connected the Foxsat to it and i now have sound!.The Panasonic Blu Ray player is connected via the Thor and working perfectly picture and sound ,very bizarre! :) :)
  6. nibber

    nibber New Member

    On another note with the receiver powered down i do not get a Freesat signal to the Panasonic tv (with built in Freesat),note i have turned power saving to off so it should be getting the feed to the inbuilt Freesat receiver on the Panny,maybe will try an sps switch on the 2nd lnb cable,just annoying as with receiver powered down in standby mode cannot watch Freesat via Panny.
  7. gomezz

    gomezz Well-Known Member

    One thing to play with is the audio settings on the Foxsat, switching surround sound off for example. As you are playing just through your TV (no surround sound system?) then this would be no loss.