foxsat hdr

A Radcliffe

New Member
my foxsat hdr has stopped working via hdmi connection
but will work with scart do I need to configure it? if so how?
it has worked with no problem since 2009
Could be an HDMI handshaking problem. Try turning the TV away from then back to that HDMI input. Try turning the TV off then on again.
thanks again for your reply yes I have tried that
it was on input 4 and that was still indicated on the screen when it stopped working
further to my previous I have looked on the tv menu and it
says no hdmi devices found I am now wondering if the problem is in the
tv or the foxsat any ideas?
by the way the first thing I tried was an other hdmi lead
thanks for all the help I am sorry for delay in getting back to you but I have been ill
the factory reset fixed the problem thanks again