Frequent changes to Freeview channels- retuning unit :(

matt t

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I asked Humax about the need to reset/retune my PVR (HDR 2000t) every time a channel changes. They state I need to do a auto retune every time to get new or moved freeview channels

Am getting sick of doing this because I lose scheduled recordings and sorted and ordered channels the way I like them in my favourites list.

Is there anyway to get round this? Can't believe this goes on when Freeview so regularly mess with the channels.

Am I missing something? :mad::(


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It's just shoddy/lazy programming by Humax. No, you can't get round it on a 2000 AFAIK.

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The HD/HDR-FOX has a "save DB to USB" option on the hidden service menu. From there, it is possible to selectively delete the database files, then import the ones that are left by the reverse process. I've not tried it, but this might provide a non-custom means to back up the schedule prior to a retune.


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Don't bother retuning unless there is a channel you watch which is affected. A change of LCN can be ignored but a change of MUX needs a retune.