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Green screen when upgraded to 4K TV


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I knew that. Just trying to keep the conversation going. Trolling they tell me it is. (But I'm not sure what that even means. :roflmao: )


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I hope to get a LG 4K oled TV later this month. I have a lot of Full-HD kit. I don't anticipate any issues as my AV receiver (Denon- X7200-WA) can scale HDMI inputs to 1080p or 4K.

LG Blu-ray player, HDR-FOX-T2, Chrome cast, NOW TV stick, Amazon 4K Fire TV stick. I have a 4K UHD Panasonic on order which will need HDCP 2.2 to play back HDR content.

Ezra Pound

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I hope to get a LG 4K oled TV later this month.
I'm also thinking about going 4K LG OLED, I would appreciate details of model number etc, maybe you could try the HDR-Fox T2 directly to the LG OLED, as there have been reports of both sound and vision HDMI problems with that combination - maybe a post for hummy arms though, rather than here

Ezra Pound

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We are getting off topic here, but I would ask another question, why are OLEDs consistantly voted the best to view?, when a LED is off it emits no light, an LCD always transmits some light, so it can never truly be black
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Just to add I have a 4K Panasonic from 2016 and all works fine with the humax, can I suggest you have a read up on a Hdfury I use mine to convert from up to date hdmi to component for my projector but I’m sure I read somewhere that it can strip all info from a hdmi signal so you can use legacy devices, apologies if this isn’t correct


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why oh why pay the substantial bucks to save the 2 cm of space with oled?
I wasn't bothered about 20mm - in fact it's irrelevant given the other stuff on the back of the set. It's the picture and sound quality I went for. The blacks are amazing - I watch in a dark room (SWMBO always wants a light on ?!) and when the picture goes black I can't see the TV on the wall ... or the wall for that matter. Our previous plasma set was always a grey panel.


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OLED's when off are pure black. There is no backlight, OLED's generate their own light.

From Which It's an astonishing 55-inch 4K OLED from LG. It's exceptionally thin because OLEDs don't need backlights. Instead, each miniscule bulb in the display is self-emitting. Thinness is one benefit, but a better one is the improved contrast and the increased control over what areas of the screen are lit.