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Green Screen

Discussion in 'HDR-FOX T2 Freeview Recorder' started by Greecian, May 17, 2011.

  1. Greecian

    Greecian Member

    I had the dreaded 'green screen' for the first time today. The box switched on to the selected channel briefly and then to the green screen. I couldn't get it to work properly at all. I called Humax Technical who told me that I should let the box boot up completely and only then switch the TV to the HDMI input.........and it worked!

  2. Kevin

    Kevin New Member

    I have seen a few green screens. It has always been OK if I switch the TV to another input and the back to HDMI again.

    The TV generally comes up on HDMI, if we were watching Hummy previously, so I suppose the advice is to let Hummy boot up before switching the TV on.
  3. Its when the humax-tv service stops. If you've rooted your box and you restart or stop humax-tv it goes to the greenscreen. A reboot usually fixes it.
  4. TomT

    TomT Member

    Mine has just started doing this. Looks like it's happening when it's been left alone for a few hours.
    If it continues, I think I'll get it replaced..
  5. Bobdisk

    Bobdisk New Member

    I had a green screen once, after I had the Humax Foxsat HDR only a couple of days. Didnt know anything about what it meant. I switched the Pana tv back to internal Freeview, then back to Humax, all ok. Never had the green screen again. Now this: the Pana tv is on its internal Freeview tuner. When I start the Humax, the tv first switches to the Humax, I see its startup splash for a few seconds, then it goes back to tv for a few seconds, then to the Humax permanantly. How does that compare with others?
  6. Greecian

    Greecian Member

    My box is not a Freesat, it's connected a Sony tv via an HDMI lead. I have to select the input on the TV manually. There is no indication on the TV screen that the Humax has booted up.