H3 Espresso Recordings Playback freezing & closing

Thanks for replying, just thinking your broadband speed comment has got me thinking, when I purchased the 5000t and h3 together I still had my sky q and multi room box plugged in and both the fvp and h3 where working fine until I unplugged the the sky boxes as I thought the humax boxes would be a great cheaper alternative than sky. I remember the sky engineer when we first got the sky q boxes installed saying the more boxes you have the better WiFi you get as they will bounce from each other so I'm thinking maybe I need to invest in two boosters as we've noticed our mobile phones keep losing WiFi since we took the sky boxes out aswel so we were considering purchasing the boosters anyway. I'll keep you posted if this does the trick, fingers crossed it will as we have tried factory resets the lot and are still having the same results, it just seems funny it only happens between 5pm and 8pm every day and that's when our WiFi speed drops also on our mobile phones.


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Chrissi2k almost said:
it just seems indicative it only happens between 5pm and 8pm every day.....
That's just plain stupid. Even with the rest of the sentence in place.

@ Chrissi2k.
Do you mean the the phone's WiFi drops out completely, or just slows down? You have said both alternatives.
Sounds like your wifi is going AWOL when all the kiddies get home from school and get on the internet. I know our wifi gets clogged with all the neighbours deciding that it is time to turn their routers on to look at their social media, and thereby clogging the airwaves. Using a program like Insider on my laptop I can see the numbers of routers wax and wane during this timescale.

And now, of course, the kiddies are off school on Christmas hols, so the problem will last even longer during the day.
Hi Trev, sorry I meant it freezes or completely loses connection on our mobiles and that's only happened since we took out the sky q boxes, we still have the sky hub router.
Antipodean thanks, im suspecting wifi is the problem, although when we had the sky q boxes in place we didn't have any issues where they lost connection to each other, I'm not very techy with stuff like this but is it possible the WiFi devices in the sky q boxes were better than those in the humax maybe?
Also could the WiFi still be an issue even though the Netflix and YouTube app still work completely fine on the h3? I've never had buffering issues or things taking a while to load up?
Hi Chris, that was exactly the same problem that I originally posted in October. Netflix & Youtube have always worked of on both devices. The problem is always “Channel unavailable” (x all) & recordings temp disappearing or unable to play on the H3.

Sometimes corrected by rebooting the 5000t, other times trying many things & eventually giving up & having another try a few weeks later.

For info I’ve got Fibre Broadband with av speed in excess of 50mbps, and as I’ve posted before, have changed everything including both devices, all cables, TV, Router, Broadband supplier, & moved house over the last 18 months & the problem still reoccurs.

It’s not possible to connect the 2 devices directly via a cable (Humax have disabled that) although I have connected both via the router with no success.
So do you think its more likely the way the fvp 5000t and the h3 are connecting with each other rather than a wifi issue? I was hoping it was going to be something I could fix myself, how disappointing that they would advertise and sell something that doesn't work as it should. I think I'll be sending this back for a full refund and maybe just get a 2nd hand fvp for the other room, its gone off a record 5 times today and I've lost my patience with it now. thanks for your help.
I'm guessing that may be the problem.
I gave up using the h3 around a year ago as it kept failing. I gave it a try again after we moved, & it failed straight away. However after posting in October I gave it another go. Whilst I've had to reboot a few times in the last 3 weeks it is working ok.
You mentioned getting a couple WiFi extenders. If it was me, before giving up on the H3, I'd give this a try.
Good luck