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Happy Birthday to my Humax


My hummy will be one this week and without a shadow of doubt ranks alongside the dishwasher as the most useful piece of equipment in our house. I bought it to replace an ailing 9200, bought nov 04 and still going strong now that I've cleaned the clock. My wife, who's a technophobe, really took to the 9200 so the transition in our household was seamless. I won't say me and my hummy haven't had words on occasion but with the newest software the thing has become a pussy. I've installed all the latest mods and great they are too, all I need now is some decent programs to archive !!!
I still get a kick out of streaming video to my android phone in the smallest room, sad I know but small things etc. I stream music from my laptop to the hummy and listen via my amp, most satisfactory. Recently I though why use the laptop, why not load my music onto the hummy so that's what i did, only fly in the ointment is that there is no true random play but....My hummy is fast becoming a full blown media centre, I've even got a couple of gigs of pics as well.
So to sum up Ace piece of kit , all that's missing is for you moders out there to come up with a random play on the audio and some way of making it wash the dishes !!

Happy birthday Hummy :D

ps still prefer the 9200 remote though


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Please be sure that the dishwasher can interface via the front USB port. I'm already using the one at the back to take the dog for a walk.

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Actually, I was going for the Zanlec Credapoint internet washer, enough room inside to retro-fit the Humax chassis and put a full-HD LED panel on the front.