Happy Birthday to the Customised Firmware!


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Happy Birthday

Development of the year for me has to be the ability to get rs requested recordings on to the box immediately rather than needing a reboot.

6 years with still a strong user base is testament to how good the cf is.

Thank you again

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Oh yes, RTS is a major step. Pity about the runaway recordings when using it (not that I've seen one myself)


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Innovation has slowed somewhat - no longer as much left to fix..
Well it sure picked up again - RTS, Queue, controlling when auto runs, etc, etc - the list of improvements almost seems endless...
Perhaps innovation will slow a bit but who knows ? Whatever the future brings, to my mind what we have now is exceptional !


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I agree with BH. RTS was a major step forward.

If only WOL could be made to work.....

Thanks again af123, and others, for making the Humax units the best out there, IMHO.


Just to say congratulations and thank you to everyone involved in providing CF.

I doubt I would still be using my two boxes if it wasn't for all of you.


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It's like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It doesn't stop me wishing for it though.
The other, currently unreachable, pot of gold is the ability to affect the Humax's on TV displays and to be able to display our own content on the TV.